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Real Estate Foreclosures
Foreclosure property listings for realtors, investors, home buyers and realty firms.
Foreclosure property listings for realtors, investors, home buyers and realty firms.


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FAQ on Schools to Help Homebuyers' Decision
Homebuyers' Decision on Schools
There are over 127,000 public and private schools throughout the United States, which vary from each other in their curricula, class sizes, religious and secular affiliations, number of grades offered, etc. Check out the characteristics that differentiate these schools and how they can help in the decision-making process..
Home Buyers' Decision On Schools
Home Buyers' Decision On Schools
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Crime Rate Should Be a Major Consideration in Buying a Home
Every home buyer should investigate the area crime statistics before taking a plunge. Seemingly, low crime rates can become significant over a period of five or ten years.

The highest crime rates in the top five U.S. cities are:

1. St. Louis, MO - 9.9%
2. Birmingham, AL – 9.8%
3. Springfield, MO – 9.8%
4. Little Rock, AR – 9.4%
5. Flint, MI – 8.8%

On the other hand, the following cities boast of the lowest crime rates:

1. Tucson, AZ - 0.07%
2. Toledo, OH - 1.0%
3. Simi Valley, CA - 1.4%
4. Centennial, CO - 1.5%
5. Sunnyvale, CA - 1.5%

Get a complete breakdown of crime statistics on over 9,300 cities and towns throughout the U.S. at

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A Really Nice Real Estate Website Has Just Gone Live!
Launching A New National Real Estate Website

After many months of hard work and sleepless nights, I am happy to announce the launch of a great resource for real estate professionals, investors, home buyers and home sellers.

So you're asking, what does the site have to offer?! Well here you go:

1. City information and housing data and statistics on over 27,000 cities, towns and communities throughout the United States.
2. Crime statistics on all major cities and towns.
3. Details on over 147,000 public and private schools.
4. Large databases for finding real estate professionals - i.e. agents, mortgage brokers, appraisers and home inspectors.
5. A variety of real estate tools.
6. Up-to-date real estate and mortgage news.
7. A library of real estate publications from trusted sources.

Oh, and you did notice. No category for real estate listings. We are planning that for 2014!

You will also notice a link to list yourself as a real estate professional on To encourage you to list yourself, your profile listing will be ranked on top of search results page for your city, a profile picture is included and all links to respective websites will be do-follow. Go ahead and list your profile listing now at

If I have any questions or comments, please feel free to air them.

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Tips For Setting Up Your Real Estate Profile On Google+

Many real estate professionals have taken the first step in creating a Google+ profile, without regard to social media optimization.

Here are some steps you can take to help with your social media presence.

1. Always add a profile photo of yourself as an individual or a logo as a page. Never use the standard blue head picture as it does not identify you, makes you look unprofessional and deters people from interacting with you. Preferably, add a photo that clearly differentiates you from other G+ users.  Such differentiation can be accomplished by wearing a hat or sunglasses, showing only a part of your face, sitting on a chair, gesturing with your hand, etc.

2. Decide what the theme of your profile is and add it throughout your profile description. The theme should include keywords that describe your profession or business. Some examples are: 

Seattle, WA Realtor
FHA Mortgage Specialist
Home Staging in Austin, TX
Oregon Home Builder
Buyer’s Agent – Chicago

The theme phrase should be used in your tag line first and foremost. The same theme or a variety of it (parts and combination of words) should also be used in the descriptions of your Occupation, Skills, Introduction, Bragging Rights and Education, provided it looks natural. Don’t overuse the theme phrase or the words. Using those words once in each section may suffice. In longer descriptions, you may use them more than once. The over use of these words and phrases may be considered spam by Google or other G+ users. Always remember, it has to look natural to others reading it.

3. Try to write something for every section in your profile.

4. Make sure to complete the “Contributor to” and the “Links Section” for SEO purposes. Here is where you can add your blogs, websites, YouTube page etc. Also make sure to verify those links if asked. You can hide those links from the public or make them visible to individual G+ users and/or some or all of your circles.

A properly completed profile will help in Google+ searches, make you look serious and professional and advance your SEO efforts in Google and Google+.
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Top Real Estate Community in terms of its membership, relevant postings and interaction.
Join the Real Estate Community of Google+ for a Group Hug
With over 5,300 members and growing fast, the Real Estate Community is where real estate minded people congregate to discuss issues of common interest, to help each other out and to network. Just click

Please reshare ツ

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Foreclosed Home For Sale in Lawrence, Kansas
3 Beds, 2 Baths ... Listing ID: 38096532

#homes #realestate #realtors #lawrencehomes #kansashomes
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Foreclosed Home For Sale in Kansas City, Kansas
4 Beds, 3 Baths ... Listing ID: 34134140

#homes #realestate #realtors #kansascityhomes #kansashomes
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