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"Well of COURSE too much is bad for you! Too much of ANYTHING is bad for you, you blithering twat! That's what "too much" means!

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A good primer on how service industries should work but often don't, and why. A bit on the long side, but worth the read.
Why service companies can't keep their promises

Since services are intangible, the only way to sell them is by making a promise to perform. But most service companies fail to keep their promises, leaving customers frustrated, confused and abused. Why do so many service companies fail to keep their promises to customers?

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Trying to get back into the habit of posting. News link seem popular, so let's go with that.

I've been monitoring this for several weeks and I now feel confident saying:

For similar topics and contact lists, posts and comments receive substantially less '+1' on GooglePlus than 'Likes' on Facebook.

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Finally, a way to keep track of conversations I haven't commented in yet!

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Russia passes new law to classify Beer as alcohol. Until now it has been classified as "food".

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Hey, the Chinese Blizzardland knockoff actually opened!

WoW is "Terrain of Magic". Starcraft is "Universe of Starship". Hilarity ensues.

The 'People in Common' feature is Google+ is built backwards. Right now it shows everyone that person has added to their circles, rather than who in MY circles has added that person.

The effect is this: someone I don't know adds me to a circle. I enter their profile, and see that we have a few dozen people in common. But in effect, that person has just added a few dozen people I know to their circles. No one has added him back. No one knows who he is. This is very misleading, and is already being exploited by various advertising/unsavory types.

I can easily see how the programmer would build the feature this way naturally, but I'm honestly surprised a program manager hasn't caught this before it got past the design stage.

EDIT: I keep trying to tag this post as GooglePlus.Ideas, but it hasn't worked since this morning. Weird.
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