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Micah Atwell
composer, general artist, and all-around autodidact
composer, general artist, and all-around autodidact
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Just listened to the new 'Circle of Fire' album by Jay Parmar... this is a straight-up rocker, to be sure! High energy and heavy hitting guitar, bass, and drums, unquestionably qualified guest singers and musicians, strong arrangements and composition, and punchy, clear production all result in a highly consistent album with loads of character.
Jay has his talents on lock with this album. His previous album 'Strange Day' would have already been difficult to follow up (it's still one of my favorites) but he delivered a potent new album with Circle of Fire. His lead-guitar work shows a real and deepened sense of self... he knows what he's wanting to say and how to say it. This same voice and direction carries over to the production as well, another major part of the equation.
If you don't get the album version with the bonus track, well, you're sadly missing out on an amazing work! Not only because of George Lynch's guest appearance and signature wickedness, or Jay's exotic vocal debut, but also the awesome hooks, pounding riffs and what may just be a glimpse into Jay's next bit of material. This album will be getting a lot of spins from me!
Circle of Fire releases March 12th through Steve Vai's Digital Nations label and you can download the title track now at

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Paradigms always has intelligent and inspiring subjects, people, and music. Baruch is a warm, brilliant, and exceptionally talented host and human being. Paradigms isn't just more talk about change, it's real people really effecting positive change, in their own lives and the lives of others.

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My album is available at dozens of locations but, what about my other tracks? SoundClick is the place to get them, and they've just made it easier than ever to purchase! You no longer need to be a SoundClick member and only need a PayPal account, and they're also making sure more of that financial support comes my way. So do have a look, listen, and download if you like!

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