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one more gallery of new home office: (1) standing desk in sitting configuration; (2,3) some detail shots; (4) IKEA floating whiteboards mounted on wall; (5) sitting area; (6) view to outside patio. I'm in heaven :)
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that wine bottle is actually used for water. reduce, reuse, recycle :)
what are the dimensions of your desk (the glass)?
65" W x 31.5" D. The glass is 3/8" thick and frosted (sandblasted) on the bottom. It is mounted to the GeekDesk frame using a combination of velcro strips and mounting putty.
Is your desk custom made? Or is it off the shelf? How is the height adjusted? How much did it cost?
What's that on the floor? footrest for sitting?
+Jessie Evangelista, the desk is a GeekDesk frame w/ a custom frosted glass top. Glass cost me $200 from local glass shop, frame is around $500 plus shipping from GeekDesk. Height is adjusted using an electric motor.
+Jeff Winkler, yes, it is an adjustable footrest for sitting, a kinda old model made by 3M.
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