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First and foremost, this picture is the top portion of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. I have always been fascinated by the architectural structure of the Guggenheim although I have never been inside. When I was a bit younger, I hated the structure. It wa...

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For as long as I can remember, I
have been fascinated with my father's ties. I grew up in a fairly
religious home, so every Saturday morning, my dad would go into his
collection of ties and allow me to select the one that best suited his
attire. They al...

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Negative Space
 Negative space truly is illustrated in this image because of what the white or negative space does to the subject occupying the positive space.The
space surrounding the words in the image, almost exalts the word "God"
and emphasizes the importance of tha...

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This particular image demonstrates proportion in my opinion due to the figure's size, especially when juxtaposed to the surrounding objects. The cubical object is of a greater size than the bike that is  a bit more foreground. With the great difference in s...

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The Empire State Building itself possesses a great component of New York City's culture. It is a building of business, culture, and NYC life. After
carefully analyzing this photograph that I took on Valentine's Day, I
noticed that my eyes or focus was ini...
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