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Hyunyoung Song
gadget hoarder + korean + dog lover + wannabe photographer
gadget hoarder + korean + dog lover + wannabe photographer


Lee Sedol family Go DNA
- Dad Lee su oh: 5 dan
- First Sister Lee Sang Hee: 5 dan
- Second brother Lee Sang Hoon 9 dan
Married to 4 dan, one of two pro GO player couple
- Third sister Lee Sena: 6 dan
- Fourth brother Lee Chadol: 5 dan
- Fifth: Lee Sedol
"Sedol's dad told Chadol (4th) to go to SNU Computer Science since his brain is not smart enough to play Go"
*Personal story: I graduated SNU CS. I also acknowledge that I am not smart enough to play GO. Currently I work for Google and hence am fascinated by Deepmind team's work on AlphaGo. Probably because I know that I will never be good enough.
*My Hypothesis: If Lee Sedol's family played alpha go as a team, the result may have been different?
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My birthday gift this year from +Adam Bender  was a photoshoot workshop session with a professional photographer (+chris shum ).
I got couple of nice shots that I am going to frame. ;)
Photoshoot session
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4 month old Andrew~
Check out our latest post of cuteness overload with the Bender Family!
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Working at Google, I get at least 2~5 recruiting emails per week, which I mostly ignore. This time, I worked with +Adam Bender to craft this response email to Uber.
Hi Emilio,
Thanks for reaching out to me. Unfortunately, Uber's executives and employees have expressed views that make me, as a woman, extremely uncomfortable, to the extent that I believe Uber would be a hostile work environment for me. Incidents such as Avions de Chasse, Emil MIchael's desire to expose the personal life of a female customer and journalist, Travis Kalanick's calling the company "Boober", and an unnamed interviewer's comments that disparage and objectify female employees paint Uber as a company that is, at the very least, sexist, and not one that I would associate myself with.
Thank you.
Hyunyoung Song.
On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 4:45 PM, <> wrote:
Happy Friday Hyunyoung!
Our engineering leadership loves your background. Your contributions to Google's next-gen Google Glass project is impressive, and relevant to several of Uber's mission critical teams.
Hyunyoung, we're in the process of building out teams centered around API design, infrastructure scaling and core development on our Realtime/Dispatch platform, and our engineering leadership has made it clear you are the caliber of engineer they'd want at the helm contributing to these crucial teams.
Do you have some time to touch base this or next week?
Looking forward to connecting!
Emilio Arias
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I should try learning Go..
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NYC googler aca pella group sings along Frozen Let it go melody.
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My favorite moment using this feature: getting Kakao talk messages that my mom and brother send me on Glass.
Max sent you a WhatsApp message, marycam81 tagged you in a photo, your Lyft has arrived… these are just some of the reasons for pulling out your phone.  You want to know about the things that matter to you, but you don't want to be distracted by your phone when you could be enjoying the moment.

Today we’re launching Notification Sync on Glass, which means you can see your Android phone app notifications at a glance. You may have already seen this with Android Wear, but now when you put Glass on, you can get the information you need when you need it—all without taking your phone out of your pocket. 

The latest Glass update is heading your way this week.  You’ll also need the newest version of MyGlass (v3.3.0). Don’t worry, it’ll be here on Wednesday. Until then, check out this short video to learn how to set it up. 

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London and Cambridge - many parts of it felt like another US city (NYC, SF, Chicago, Boston, etc) but with the difference of a lot of smokers on the street and people speaking English with Downtown Abbey accent or French or German accent. Jokes aside, I had an amazing time.

I also finally learned the difference between:
UK vs. Great Britain vs. England
London vs. City of London
London and Cambridge
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More photos of the mammals at the park.
Bryce and Zion national park
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Mother nature was stunning.
Ready to head back to civilization.
Bryce and Zion national park
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