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Amanda Archimer Anderson
The hoopiest frood in the whole galaxy.
The hoopiest frood in the whole galaxy.

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Smash Bros. at my house. Gonk Droid is my main.

Eating dinner in the form of mashed potatoes and catching up on Homestuck. #ImAnAdult  

Wait. Iggy is one of the baby Koopa variants? 

I think I have a new Smash Bros. main.

Friday night. Jammies and Legend of Korra time!

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Just a couple #Mandalorians  spending a quiet evening at home. #StarWars  

I found a dead mouse on the doorstep the other day. I am pretty sure that one of the neighborhood cats is trying to court Waffles.

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Pirate Dog

Getting ready to head out to PAX East! This weekend is going to be awesome.

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Doodling Dragon

It's going to be 30 degrees tomorrow! I've been digging my T-shirts out of storage.
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