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GDI SF is starting our summer series of workshops for women who want to learn web development.
I'll be running the HTML/CSS workshop this weekend:
And then there'll be JS 101 on June 20th and all our advanced JS series throughout July and August.
Please spread the word to your female friends, family, and colleagues!

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We're hiring for many interesting roles at Khan Academy - and our math team would really love to find people that can write great math questions, for K-3 and HS. Join us!

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We announced our fall series of web development workshops for women - covering UX, HTML, CSS, and JS.

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This summer, I got the chance to work with +Sophia Westwood , an intern on the Khan Academy CS team.

You can read this post to find out all about how she got into CS and how she's getting more young whippersnappers like her into CS :-)

Hey SF peeps!
We have a few upcoming GirlDevelopIt workshops with available spots. Help us increase the number of women in tech, spread the word! :-)

Tomorrow, Intro to Algorithms in Palo Alto:

Saturday's Intro to UX in Mountain View:

Sunday's HTML/CSS in San Francisco:

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Wrote up a new post:

"Referencing DOM from JS: there must be a DRYer, safer way"

Thoughts welcome!

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I get a lot of questions about how we deal with Facebook bots and SEO for our single page web apps. My colleague wrote up a post explaining what we use, our Just-in-time Renderer, which delivers the exact same HTML as users would see but without JS.

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I'll be speaking at BackBoneConf in Boston, July 31st-Aug 1st.

I imagine you all are bored of my Backbone talks, so for the Backbone conference, I'm not gonna give one! I'm going to talk instead about our approach to UI Components at Coursera - our alternative to the jQuery plugin style. Should be fun!

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I'll be speaking at the SF HTML5 meetup on Feature Detection and Fallback:
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