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Just updated my SDK and ADT to 17 and my project builds without problem but every time I try to execute it on a phone I get a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.
The not-found classes are in a jar lib in the project (in my case the ACRA lib). The jar is in the Referenced Libraries section of the project. So should work.
And I try on a different eclipse installation with ADT and SDK 16 and it works flawlessly.

Any idea why it doesn't with ADT / SDK 17 ? (Maybe due to the change of the library projects)

For info, I try to launch another project without jar lib : it works.
Same for another project with an Android Library projects added to it but without jar lib : works too
Didn't try with only a jar lib and no Android Library projects but I can do the test if needed

(Other info : i'm on Eclipse 3.7.1 on MacOSX)

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