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software architect | sf writer | linguist | usability zealot
software architect | sf writer | linguist | usability zealot

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Nice piece on GRRM's and Melinda's project. When I hear a report that a respected bit of F&SF is being sniffed for a movie or tv, I am glad that a friend has gotten option money but I don't have my hopes up it will actually be made. In this case, however, it seems likely enough to check if my jar of popcorn is still good.

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Fascinating stuff I expect we'll still be making sense of for decades.

Each bit of news about the interplay between our intestinal microbiome and "us" confirms my belief that if you're going to make arrangements for cryonic suspension with Alcor, you want whole-body, not neuro—who you are is not entirely above the neck.

And I miss Lynn Margulis. I can exactly conjure up the sight and sound of her utter confidence in the invaluable roles of microörganisms.

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Very impressive background.

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"Where is Mr. Garibaldi?"

— G'Kar

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She's not going to get a billion dollars but it's actually not an inflated request. She has a reasonable claim for $1,406,625,000. ($25K per photo × 18,755 photos × triple damages–eligible.)

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The ghost-singer who replaced or augmented Natalie Wood, Margaret O'Brien, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Moreno, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, etc. For Maria, Eliza, and Anna, she did all the singing.

Seen finally on-screen as Sister Sophia in the movie version of The Sound of Music.

Also toured with Liberace and Victor Borge; taught; hosted a children's program; sang opera as an oratorio, concert soloist, and recitalist; acted; judged vocal competitions. Acquired Emmys, Grammy nominations, a Drama Desk nomination, three husbands, and three children.

Sadly, she outlived her son Andrew Gold, who died five years ago. Andrew was similarly multi-talented: a singer, songwriter, studio musician, producer, sound engineer, arranger, film composer, actor, and painter. He played at least 13 instruments, wrote "Lonely Boy" and "Thank You for Being a Friend" (yes, the Golden Girls theme), and played with everyone.

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In my experience, the New Scientist is a great source for intriguing ideas (as this is) but they're not to be relied on. But this is a fun notion to ponder.

You who are menopausal women, or who are married to one, is this something that interests you if it became real, safe, and affordable?

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I like this for its rethinking of the problem. It hearkens back to the old steamer trunks that could be used as dressers without unpacking. Likewise, it's best for travel situations where its added weight and size aren't a problem—it's not exactly a solution for an under-the seat carry-on.

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Point of trivia for you film buffs. There were five Marx Brothers and six Marx brothers.

The five Marx Brothers were Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, and Zeppo.

The six Marx brothers were Leonard (Chico), Adolph (Arthur, Harpo), Julius (Groucho), Milton (Gummo), Herbert (Zeppo), and Manfred. Manfred (called Mannie) was the oldest, born a year before Leonard. He died as an infant.

The world is grateful to Minnie and Frenchy Marx for not letting their loss prevent them from trying again.

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Bibi Netanyahu talks about Yoni and shares what happened when he learned that his big brother had been killed leading the Entebbe raid, forty years ago yesterday.
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