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Nearing the end of the marking process.  Now begins the paperwork, and the negotiations with moderators over whether the grades are right or not.  This will take about a week - and after that it is over to the External Examiners, and I will be having discussions with him about the grades as well - this takes 2 weeks!

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7 steps to Prolific, or more Productive Writing
Most writers and intrigued by the idea that they might be
more productive. Some writers want to become prolific. Some writers, such as Shakespeare,
were able to churn out two or more major works every year; others, such as Charles
Dickens or Walter Scott, a...
7 steps to Prolific, or more Productive Writing
7 steps to Prolific, or more Productive Writing

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Here's a rare thing: A balanced view on the value of a degree...

I have now officially abandoned Facebook as a communication tool for students - for various reasons (ask me if you are remotely interested!).  Google+ is my next experiment.  The circles add really useful functionality, the privacy issues are less problematic, and the ability to use tools like hangouts (video conferences and chats), GoogleDocs (for sharing essay drafts) and more could - I think - be fantastically useful!

As with FB, we will see how it goes...
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