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Wildflower Wonderland
Rafinesquia neomexicana (desert chicory) In my earliest years documenting plants as a botanist, I was fortunate enough to
experience several consecutive wet winters including the 2004-2005 El Niño
winter and the spectacular display of wildflowers that follo...

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Bighorn Mountain
141 Photos - View album

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Why plant names change
This article written by Lucinda McDade was originally posted in Oak Notes, the newsletter of the Volunteers of RSABG. Because it answers questions that come up frequently, we thought we'd share it here too. Why do those annoying scientists keep changing  th...

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Once upon a time I was an intern here at RSABG. I look back
on my internship with great fondness. It was not only a time for new
experiences, learning, and growth, but it was also a summer full of camaraderie
with the other summer interns. For as long as I ...

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Upcoming field expedition for tripple ribbed milkvetch
Astragalus tricarinatus on a cliff face near Mission Creek  This coming spring Field Studies has an exciting new project that will be undertaken in some remote and underexplored sections of our California deserts to look for a federally endangered plant cal...

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Seed Collecting in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts
Deidre collecting Joshua tree ( Yucca brevifolia ) seeds north of Barstow, August 2013 Hello, my name is Deidre and I started working at the Rancho
Santa Ana Botanic Garden (RSABG) as a Seeds of Success Intern in August, 2013. I am
originally from the Twin ...

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Bighorn Mountain wilderness album
Bighorn Mountain
137 Photos - View album

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Summer showers bring fall flowers
Bighorn Mountain Wilderness Spring time is the season when I usually get reacquainted with
all my old flowering friends, go on wildflower walks, and spend lots of time
doing what I love best; looking for plants! Who would have thought that late
summer and f...
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