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At three years old this kid already rules harder than most of us ever will.
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Brilliant. But get the little fella a f#cking booster seat. That seat belt could decapitate the poor child.
This kid will never be musically oblivious, unlike most of the people I know...
While you're no doubt an expert at gauging children's ages, people tend to vacillate greatly in their shape and size. Even children!
Sorta looks like Dave Grohl too.
vaya tela con el niño. Pues esta claro lo que va ser de mayor
i saw th poo come out of his ears
wow.. lead singer AND drummer? he's good
Omg. Maybe he'll be the next jb. but good this time, and with a voice that doesn't sound like crap.
the kid is guan be a pro drummer
My son @ 5 did something very similar. He'd scream so loud if I would crank the music this loud. But this kid is 👍👌👏📢🎷🎸🔊🎺🎶🎉😝🏁🔴
That is pretty funny but there is no way he is 3 lol
with a seat belt around his neck, I am glad they did not break hard!
That is very funny! that dude needs some drumming lessons, because i bet he can be good at it!
if that kid's three whoa... he's huge, not in a carseat and about as tall as my 8 year old (who's the tallest kid in his class)
that being said. funny!
can anyone translate what the parents are saying?
Haha. If only kids were this adorable all the time XD
giant Norwegian / Chilean kid singing Nirvana on YouTube and the whole world cracks up, i love it
needs a kit, thats how stars are born!!!!
I think the kid is raging about his rock dreams
Distracted driver... Dangerous. JK lol that was cute
it looks planned.
but its still cute!
I that natural? like does he just do it??
Hi im Aldana i like ur son he is so cute and funny
lol he woke up playin the drums n singing lol
Yoli N.
That is the funniest thing I've seen all day!
he is a very cute little boy who must live and breathe heavy metal.
Right on, put a pair of sticks in his hands
he is geting strangled am i right lolz
Frank T
this kids gonna be the new Dave Grohl
Boy, you need to learn how to use the seat belt!
Love it!!! I hate getting up. Music makes all the difference. ;)
omg lol do you think tht was planed??
three words pro-fession-al=)
ooooooo thah bwoy lok lik gibby lil brother from icarly
ahahahahahahahahahhhhaa that is AWESOME! i'd probably do the same thing too.. :D
haah funny and cute i wish i could wake up and do that haha!
hahahaha, innoncent face, like me, lol
Try put an ice cube into his collar?

all u need is a drum and then mayb u'll b famous!
I think my brother would do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anh Chu
So cute!!! I think my little cousin can do like that...
To wake him up put his had in warm water and he will pee pee in his pants
dude that's awesome hes totally gonna be a drummer
Almost as soon as the drumming part starts, he starts air drumming and wakes up a second later!
That's the funniest thing I've ever seen
son of dave grohl..... :D
Kid's gonna grow up to be a drummer ;)
omg that kids awesome i wanna see him play the real drums
I usually hate video of other peoples kids, this kids alright... Drum on little man...
Scary...and not in a good way.
Scared me at first then I realized... Good stuff kid, rock on
Will send to Cigdem for her little Münster
boo Jay
This would be so much cooler if it weren't staged, which it clearly is.
let the kid listen to the Doors, lololo
hahaha...nothing to worry even while sleeping
its a nice way to wake up a kid
So fake. That kid wasnt sleeping and the parents laughs are so fake.
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