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Crypto Ads SEO
We test and collect the best search engine optimization (SEO) tools to help you get your website to the top of the world's leading search engines.
We test and collect the best search engine optimization (SEO) tools to help you get your website to the top of the world's leading search engines.


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Bitcoin Trading Guide for Profit and Beginners

The crypto currency market is booming and becomes more and more complex. At the same time, more and more people are becoming cryptotraders.

Following the development of civilization, trading is the sole factor in the creation of currency, in order to facilitate the process. Without it, trading means exchanging one good for another, but through the use of currency, people can trade currency for goods and vice-versa.

Today trading takes place through the information technology widely available through the world, as well as physically buying and selling in exchange for fiat currency.

Here you can find information about modern trading and all necessary information to get you up on your feet if you’re considering to start trading.

Beyond the general information about trading, we have a part on the bottom that’s focused on the trading with Bitcoin. Although useful, a lot of the information in the in-depth guide is very valuable for new and experienced traders as well.

#Bitcoin #Trading #Cryptotrading

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Go Viral: Advertise to the World for Free

Viral Tycoon is a one-of-a-kind viral marketing platform that allows any small or home based business to succeed by offering a range of powerful tools and features.

Viral Tycoon presents the most comprehensive and proven list of popular Internet platforms that will help you get loads of free or cheap web traffic.

Viral Tycoon is more than just an innovative marketing platform that lets you promote your businesses, websites or affiliate links. The site itself can become a stable source of passive income with zero or very little investment.

While many of our services are free of charge, some of the most demanded features are available only to Premium Members. These tools are so powerful that a significant percentage of members choose to upgrade in order to have access to them.

How it works? Read more on our FB Fanpage

#ViralTycoon #Facebook #Fanpage

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SEO tips for crypto websites

SEO for all those companies which either launch an ICO or engage in different kinds of business activities, or which run various crypto investment funds which are related to the digital currency and anything that is crypto is different from any other conventional approach.

Majority of such websites are not only high-trafficked but short lived as well and saturated too. There are few tasks which such websites should learn the art of so that they can secure better search engine rankings.

Among all other tasks, the most important one is keyword research among the competitors. Irrespective of whether you’re putting in your effort to bring in organic traffic or you’re trying your best to get it through paid campaigns, you need to be precise in organic SEO and PPC.

By now, you must be thinking how you could successfully make things possible without busting your budget. Although it is different, you still require ensuring that your ICO is a well-tuned vehicle which brings good quality traffic and which is counted in the good books of search engines.

Read on to know more on this..

#SEO #Contentmarketing #ICO

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PDF Search: AI powered search within PDF documents

PDF Search is a PDF reader app making relevancy search to find the most relevant pages inside thousands of PDF documents quickly.

It will show you the most accurate pages by ranking them using its Artificial Intelligence-powered algorithm.

#CryptoAds #PDFsearch #ArtificialIntelligence
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ReponseIO: Social People Analytics for Digital Marketers

ReponseIO is a Social People Analytics Platform for Digital Marketers. Get to know who interact with you, when and how.

Get the list of your followers and each interaction connected to them. Whether it’s a share, a comment or a like. Based on analytics, take smarter decision and review your social selling process.

#CryptoAds #ReponseIO #Digitalmarketing
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Markup Machine: Collect feedback on digital projects right in the browser

MarkUp adds a layer to local, staged, or hosted web pages that allows you to drop pins, leave notes, and otherwise collaborate with teammates on digital projects.

The *Markup Machine *make it easy to spin up a Page in App or with MarkUp browser extension and share it privately or publicly with a URL.

The MarkUp browser extension is simple to use and great for annotating web pages that require users to login or only exist on your localhost.

#CryptoAds #Markup #Communicate
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Khdemti Connecting the best freelancers with companies

Khdemti selects for your business in a few hours the best freelancers, and automates the administrative procedures.

Khdemti also allows the best freelancers to work in high quality companies, in addition to a main activity, in a flexible and well paid way.

#CryptoAds #Khdemti #Freelancers
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Voicera: In-Meeting Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Voicera (formerly Workfit) is the creator of Eva, an intelligent voice facilitator to make meetings more productive.

Are you tired of taking notes in meetings? Put down your pen and paper and let Eva do it for you!

Voicera has created Eva to connect your meetings to the rest of your day

#ArtificialIntelligence #Meeting #MachineLearning
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Rival: World’s first challenge based video-sharing platform

Rival is the first social video sharing app that allows users to compete head-to-head through short/semi-short videos while leaving the victor up to the masses.

Users can join in on daily challenges from your favorite influencers to earn profile upgrades and more.

Rival ,where challenges live. The place to create and share your fun unique challenges with friends and others.

#Videosharing #APP #Influencers
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Cocolyze: A powerful SEO tracking and analyzing tool

Let’s face it. SEO can seem confusing, complicated and costly. Well, there’s an answer to avoiding all this, Cocolyze!

Cocolyze is a awesome start-up that have created a powerful, high-performing SEO tool to increase your online visibility. Do you want to improve your keyword rankings, spy on your competitors 24/7 and resolve your site’s SEO issues all in one place?

#SEO #Ranking #Keywords
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