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Basketball Stat Tracker
Taking your basketball stats beyond pen and paper
Taking your basketball stats beyond pen and paper

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The Android 1.5.3 Release has been pushed to Google Play. Should be available for your devices shortly.
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1.5.3 Release Notes (Usability/Stability)

- [NEW] When managing (stat) database 
  - From the startup screen, choose "manage database" 
  - [NEW] Export your database to your SD Card
  - [NEW] Import a database from your SD Card
  - [NEW] Backup/Restore/Share via the above!
- When Substituting
  - [NEW] No longer limits the number of players checked as "IN" (until you save)
  - [NEW] Now you can sub in, THEN sub out (to match the natural flow of subbing)
  - [NEW] Assorted performance improvements
  - [NEW] Removed the delete button from the subs screen to improve space and avoid mishaps
  - [FIXED] Player number too small to read on Droid DNA
  - [FIXED] Various update/refresh problems when substituting
  - [FIXED] Changing player name leads to further problems/instability
  - [FIXED] Problem when entering substitution screen under certain situations
- When getting help (Support Chat)
  - [NEW] Automatically tells us what version of basketball stat tracker you are running!
  - [NEW] Push notifications when we respond to your message (even if you leave the app) Note: you have to have sync enabled in order to receive these notifications in real time.
- When managing game halves/quarters/periods
  - Still have support for 20 minute "Halves" and 8 minute "Quarters"
  - [NEW] Added support for "Other" period configurations:
    - Where you can enter the number of periods in a game
    - And you can specify the length of each period (in minutes)
  - [NEW] Added a dedicated "Advance Period/Quarter/Half" button
  - [NEW] Improved the "Period Indicator"
    - No longer difficult to advance on smaller screens
    - Is a dropdown
    - Can go "forward" and "back" if you make a mistake
  - [FIXED] Zero minute period was allowed
  - [FIXED] Half setting is checked for game, but displaying quarters
  - [FIXED] Problem when ending a game in BlackBerry
- When entering stats
  - [NEW] Screen should not go to "sleep" while in tracking mode
  - [FIXED] Player selection was being forgotten in certain situations
  - [FIXED] Problem when deleting shots in certain situations
- When tracking time
  - [FIXED] Time tracking calculation was not reliable and sometimes inaccurate...
  - [FIXED] Invalid entries were leading to a crash
  - [FIXED] Tracking player minutes not working after quarter advance
- When reviewing stats
  - [NEW] Added shot percentages to the reports
  - [NEW] Added a "games played" stat for cumulative reports
  - [NEW] Moved "Playing Time" calculation to "View Stats" to improve performance in-game
  - [NEW] Added Minutes and Seconds ("MM:SS") to "Playing Time" in report
  - [FIXED] Crash in certain team report email situations
- Various fixes
  - [FIXED] Various problem when resuming games under certain scenarios
  - [FIXED] Problem when tapping quickly on period [Kindle Fire]
  - [FIXED] A handful of other problems encountered along the way
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What are your expectations on how a "backup/restore" feature should work? Does the backup send you your stats database as an email?

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We have started in on a video series to explain the features of Basketball Stat Tracker HD (iPad). Next up: The Android version, and more advanced features!
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A new Android release (1.5) was published today. We: Added playing time tracking.
Switched email reports to formatted HTML.
Fixed issues with +/- tracking.
Fixed issues with quarter/half tracking.
Added jersey numbers to shot charts.
Multiple usability and bug fixes.

It is already up on Google Play:

And we have submitted the update to Amazon Appstore and Blackberry App World. They will be available on approval.
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An iPhone version of Basketball Stat Tracker has also been submitted to Apple. We worked hard to fit all the stat goodness onto the "small screen". We will post back when it hits the store!
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An update to Basketball Stat Tracker HD (for the iPad) has been submitted to Apple, and will be available on approval:

On the COURT you can now:
★ Get tracking quicker with an integrated tutorial
★ Check stats without leaving the game
★ View player/team FOULS at a glance
★ Record CHARGES TAKEN (a defensive stat)

In REVIEW STATS you can now:
★ Export to MAXPREPS
★ Reference the STAT KEY to interpret STAT columns
★ Learn filters and exports with an integrated tutorial

In the new MANAGE GAMES section you can:
★ Review games
★ Edit game details (like court type and season)
★ Remove unwanted games

Also includes various bug fixes and enhancements...
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