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Jake Heinrichs

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"True Courage is knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one instead."

"A pack is where the wolf is found strongest"

"The Lion may be stronger, but the wolf doesn't perform in the circus."

"A hunter who slacks in the slightest detail ceases to become the hunter, and instead becomes the prey."

Name: Wulf Parker

Nickname: Wolfpack, Headhunter, Wolf

Age: 39

Occupation: Captain in the JTF2

Race: Caucasian

Gender: Male

Hometown: Moose Pass, NWT

Height: 1.83m

Weight: 79 Kg

Facial Hair: Light Beard

Skin Colour: Pale

Eye Colour: Pale blue

Family: Emily Parker (Niece), Kate Parker (Niece), Matt Parker (Nephew), Christian Miller (Emily's BF), Elias Parker (Big Bro).
Likes: His squad, his family, reading, writing, training, Criminal Minds, Star Wars, thrills.

Dislikes: Needless violence, family conflict, foolish leadership, corruption, heights.

Personality: Fun and loving, with a cold side and the ability to kill. Wulf can freeze people with his ice-cold glare.

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Name: The Empire of the Wolf

Government type: Empire

Territory max 3: Greenland and Iceland

Leader: Emperor Wulf Gryphon

Economy type: Strong

Language: German/Danish

Population: 2 500 132

Military population: 950 910

Bio: When the world began collapsing in 2017, the territory of Denmark and the nation of Iceland realised they’d be quickly overwhelmed alone, so the two united. A symbol was chosen for them to rally behind and they became known as the “Wolf Empire” before eventually renaming it The Empire of the Wolf. The populace holds wolves as sancrosanct, and obey the will of their emperor, Wulf Gryphon.
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