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Jessica Obermayer
Change Agent: Student of Disruption & Transformation
Change Agent: Student of Disruption & Transformation

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Brains Run on Sugar

Researchers looking into a link between low glucose levels and Alzheimers.

More reason than ever to manage your sugar levels.

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Google Moving Hangouts to Enterprise

And perhaps Project Fi will replace it?

I'd like to see more features for Google Voice, it's been languishing as a product.

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Love Your Liver: Watch out for herbicides.

Round-up. The worst. Even if you don't use it, your neighbor might. Consider what you buy at your grocery store....and put on your table.


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The Bridle Catcher

Ends up the USS Enterprise was the last of the US Navy carriers to have one when it was retired in 2012.

Great read, lots of cool photos.

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See Something, Say Something

We need to push governments (esp US) to make it illegal to breed tigers and other big cats for public handling. The fate these poor cubs face once they're too big for "pay to play" is a lifetime of confinement.



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At Least One People Scraper Has Opt Out

We need some government action to take down those other sites. Awful.

# privacy 
It's not a genealogy site. Rather, it's masquerading as one.

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Yes, Alexa IS Always Listening - And Recording

Privacy and security matter to you? Own an Alexa? Get ready for one more bit of regular electronic housekeeping.

I've wondered if Google is also always listening.... for example, when you're using Google Maps. (How many times could Google have heard, "Google, that's wrong!" - or worse.)


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Taking Prilosec or Zantac - or Another Antacid?

Ends up, like so many other drugs, there are some potential terrible side-effects for any long-term user.
Recent studies have shown that the popular acid-reducing drugs known as proton pump inhibitors increase the risk of dementia.

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Disruption: Venetian Economy Disrupted by Ocean-Going Ships

For the Venetians, it didn't happen overnight. Now, a business can be disrupted by a new technology and business model.

Organizations set in their ways slow down and never strive for new horizons. They are doomed to wither.

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It's About Trust

Go figure.

If you've built trust with the search engines (read: Google), any updates won't hurt your rankings.

Good read!

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