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It says, stay on 9.1 n do not upgrade to 9.2 if u want ur device jailbroken

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시작을 할까요? 말까요? ㅋㅋㅋ

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#iOS8 업데이트 - 새로운 기능들

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I'm a huge Apple fanboy but this is really funny :)

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지금은 다시 요세미티 DP3 를 사용중입니다. 파랄렐즈9 가 업그레이드 이후 요세미티에서 작동합니다. :)
하지만 다운그레이드.. 하면서 고생을 ㅠㅠ..
백업의 생활화.. 해야겠습니다.

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From the site : --------------
Seoul by (big) numbers
1. In excess of 25.6 million people – that’s more than half of Korea’s population – live in the Seoul metropolitan area. And that population is 99% Korean: fewer than 300,000 foreigners live in Seoul, making it one of the most ethnically homogenous world capitals.
2. Seoul has built the most extensive subway system in the world. The world’s “longest multi-operator metro system by route length” boasts 19 lines, 617 stations, and a daily ridership of nearly 10 million.
3. It also has taxis that go 90 miles an hour. Known as chongal taekshi, or ‘bullet taxis’, these cabs specialise in high-speed, late-night freeway rides to outlying suburbs.
4. The city offers the fastest internet connections in the world. Last year, web-surfing Seoulites did so at an average speed of 13.3 megabytes per second, compared to the American average of 8.7 megabytes per second. This year, South Korea is also rolling out a 5G mobile internet service, capable of an astonishing one gigabyte per second.
5. Seoul has more Starbucks locations than any other city in the world: 284 and counting, compared to New York City’s 277.
6. It also boasts 38 colleges and universities and countless other institutions of higher education – which won’t surprise you if you know anything of Korea’s national obsession with grades, exams and degrees. You can get to the top three universities in the entire country on Seoul’s circular subway line alone.

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지금은 다시 요세미티 베타 사용중이지만, 지지난 주에 사용하기 힘들어서 메버릭스로 내리는데, 잘 안되어서, 그냥 밀어버리고 재설치 하면서 설치한 앱들입니다. 개인적으로 사용하는 필수 앱들이지만.. 몇자 적어봤습니다.

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The Sunset in Sydney Central
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