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OK. Here's something I'm trying to understand. I have a personal profile, a page (for my hobby/business), and I am owner of a Community (related to my page topic). Does it make sense to add ALL members of the community I moderate to my circles, or is that overkill? Does it increase the odds of me getting into their circles, and maybe spreading the word about both the community, and my page? What are arguments for and against? Thanks for any advice. [edited for better clarity]
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Gah. That sounds a bit convoluted, +Doug Noernberg.

In my case, I have my personal profile where I talk mostly about digital publishing. Other things too (science, skepticism, craft beer), but mostly digital publishing. I've circled a bunch of authors, but also lots of other folks. I do not auto-circle back, and try and keep the list trimmed down to people that I want to hear from regularly. 

I also have a page for my business. We educate authors on ways they can survive and thrive in a digital world. We post almost exclusively about our educational offerings. And I circle-back anyone who follows that page. Until they prove themselves unworthy by spamming.

I also moderate the Digital Publishing Community. My job is to cultivate content there, so I'm still posting mostly to my own profile, though I'm finding reasons to post in the community, too. I'm personally circling the smart, frequent posters and commentors so that I can have an ongoing dialog outside of the community, if I wish.

Does that help? 
+Evo Terra, Thank you or your reply. Sorry. Yes, my own confusion made it difficult for me to properly format my question. Yes it helps, especially the latter part. For public info I want to share or advertise, I have been posting to the community, which in turn shows up on my profile.

What I struggle with is the use of circles for my own benefit (about following those that I post), versus using them as a promotion vehicle to increase my odds of getting "circled back" and hence spreading the word. Does that even make any sense?
+Peter G McDermott , thank you! That did actually address a lot of my underlying questions. I haven't found much out there yet on the impact of communities on managing circles. As I am new to Google+, I do not yet have circles developed, so I have been finding it difficult to promote my new community (done here before in the applicable category).
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