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Erik McClure
An applied mathematician who makes games and music.
An applied mathematician who makes games and music.

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Windows Won't Let My Program Crash
It's been known for a while that windows has a bad habit of eating your exceptions if you're inside a WinProc callback function. This bug can cause all sorts of mayhem, like your program just vanishing into thin air without any error messages due to a stack...

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Owlboy And The Tragedy of Human Nature
Owlboy is a game developed by D-Pad studios over a protracted 9 year development cycle. Every aspect of the game is a work of art, meticulously pieced together with delicate care. While it has mostly gotten well-deserved positive reviews from critics, some ...

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DirectX Is Terrifying
About two months ago, I got a new laptop and proceeded to load all my projects on it. Despite compiling everything fine, my graphics engine that used DirectX mysteriously crashed upon running. I immediately suspected either a configuration issue or a driver...

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Our Software Is A Beacon of Hope
As I draw closer to releasing the first early alpha of a library I've been working on for several years, I've noticed that it's release time coincides with some rather depressing American politics that I wish I could ignore. Unfortunately, it's difficult to...

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Everyone Does sRGB Wrong Because Everyone Else Does sRGB Wrong
Did you know that CSS3 does all its linear gradients and color interpolation completely wrong? All color values in CSS3 are in the sRGB color space, because that's the color space that gets displayed on our monitor. However, the problem is that the sRGB col...

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The Answer Is Not More Censorship, It's More Information
After being accused of censoring conservative news, Facebook fired all it's human editors , which was shortly followed by the algorithm being inundated with fake news. It now appears to be regretting that choice as it come under fire for potentially contrib...

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Bill Bryant Blaming Inslee for Washington's Early Prisoner Release Is Morally Reprehensible
For a guy who keeps trying to convince me he's better than Jay Inslee, Bill Bryant seems determined to ensure I never vote for him in any election, ever. As The Seattle Times so eloquently explains, the software bug leading to the early release of prisoners...

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Mathematical Notation Is Awful
Today, a friend asked me for help figuring out how to calculate the standard deviation over a discrete probability distribution. I pulled up my notes from college and was able to correctly calculate the standard deviation they had been unable to derive afte...

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The GPL Is Usually Overkill
Something that really bothers me about the GPL and free software crusaders in general is that they don't seem to understand the nuances behind the problem they are attempting to solve. I'm not entirely sure they are even trying to solve the right problem in...

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The Right To Ignore: The Difference Between Free Speech And Harassment
On one hand, America was built on the values of free speech , which are obviously important. We cannot control what people are saying or our democracy falls apart. On the other hand, allowing harassment has a stifling effect on free speech, because it allow...
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