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Marina Fire by Mono Lake
I also produced a time-lapse video of the Marina Fire that covers roughly Friday 10:30 pm to Saturday morning 2 am:

The California highway Patrol is conducting periodic escorts of traffic through the fire area on Highway 395, but wait times can be long. Consider the detour through Hawthorne, Nevada, and start it from Bishop if possible.

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:/ I saw numerous airtankers flying over yesterday. Or maybe the same one on multiple trips
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Jeff Sullivan Photography

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Milky Way Photography Season Has Arrived!
We're starting to get the Milky Way rising at reasonable evening hours in the Northern Hemisphere, so pick your subjects close to moonless new moon dates!

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Departing Clouds in Bodie
In the summer, the Eastern Sierra often has afternoon thunderstorms, driven by heat and monsoon moisture. Fortunately once the "engine" for the convection, the heat of the sun, goes away, the clouds tend to break up and/or drift eastward, leaving a stunningly clear view of starry skies.

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In the summer the Eastern Sierra often has afternoon thunderstorms, driven by heat and monsoon moisture. Fortunately once the "engine" for the convection, the heat of the sun, goes away, the clouds tend to break up and/or drift eastward, leaving stunningly clear starry skies. I live not far from the authentic Wild West "ghost town" of Bodie State Historic Park, so each summer I lead five night photography workshops there.
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Last few spaces left for Bodie in 2016!
More Bodie Photos from 2015
For 2016, workshop dates not yet full include:
- June 5: morning with interior access $250
- July 29: sunset/night with Milky Way $350
- August 28: sunset/night with Milky Way $350
- October 1 interiors and night in Bodie, followed by October 3-7 Eastern Sierra Fall Colors: $1690

More information:

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More Moonbow Examples
Reviewing some of the compositions, times and astronomical angles to prepare for my upcoming photography workshop:

+Yosemite National Park Workshops  #landscapephotography   #nightphotography   #photographyworkshop   #yosemitenationalpark   #California  
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Yosemite's Horsetail Fall
Monday evening, as sunset approached.  The healthy snowfall and warm winter combine to make this the best year to pursue this event in years.  One person shooting nearby had been trying to catch it for six years!

I describe places to shoot this annual event from on pages 21 - 22 and 31 - 32 of my "Photographing California - South" landscape photography guidebook:

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Jeff Sullivan Photography

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Venus Transit of the Sun
While everyone is capturing images of the Mercury transit today, here are some Venus transit images in the meantime. I post-processed these yesterday from my folder of images from the June 5, 2012 event.
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Mercury Transit of the Sun is Underway!
With a proper eye-protecting filter, the planet Mercury can be seen crossing the face of the sun today. This happens approximately 13 times per century. I'll have my photos available later, but in the meantime, here are some of my photos from the Venus transit of the sun on June 5, 2012, which won't occur again for another 100+ years!

I looked at my photos from the Venus transit to remind myself of appropriate practices and settings for the #mercurytransit , as discussed on my blog:

#astrophotography   #Canon   #70D   #venustransit  
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Welcome to My New Collection!
Now that I'm done with my California landscape photography guidebook,
I'm getting back on the road across the Western States.
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First 50 Photos: iPhone 6S+
Here are 50 of my favorite photos so far on the iPhone 6S+.  The extreme close-ups were captured on +olloclip 10X and 15X macro lenses, in the Death Valley "super bloom" this month.

#california   #wildflowers   #macrophotography   #superbloom2016  
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Death Valley Photography Workshop Last Week
Had a great workshop during the "super bloom" in Death Valley last week!  I've started a new Death Valley album for 2016 photos.  It's up to 50+ photos so far, heavily weighted towards the current wildflower conditions of course!  #deathvalley   #superbloom2016   #landscapephotography   #photographyworkshops  
New Death Valley 2016 Album
I'll start this album off with a few photos captured from my landscape photography workshop during Death Valley's "super bloom" last week, then add photos from my February wildflower preview trip as well.
#deathvalley   #landscapephotography   #photographyworkshop   #superbloom2016  
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Yosemite Moonbow Season Starts Next Month!
After catching the setting sun's light on Horsetail Fall this month, I can't wait for the next big annual astronomical event in Yosemite: moonbows in the mist of Yosemite's waterfalls. These night rainbows happen at certain times on certain nights based on the position of the moon in the sky relative to your viewing position. The moon moves a lot from night to night, so the time you'll catch them in a given waterfall changes every night.

This year the moonbows should be the strongest they've been in recent years, due to the El Nino weather pattern bringing us a healthy snowpack in the Sierra Nevada. The main months to capture the moonbows are April and May, although they can continue in June in many waterfalls if their flow stays healthy. IF you'd like to try for them with me in April, I'll be showing photographers around the park's amazing landscape, capturing wildflowers and practicing night photography to take advantage of this rare opportunity in this particularly strong year:

At the end of April we should catch the end of the season for California poppies, perhaps the start of the season for dogwood trees blooming, and we may get a late spring storm to enhance sunset and sunrise, and decorate the park with a light dusting of snow. It's one of my favorite times of the year to explore Yosemite, and you can see why in this album:

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+Tressa Zimmerman  The moon reflects all wavelengths of visible light from the sun, it's even about the same 0.5 degree size as the sun in the sky, so as it moves across the sky at night, it acts like a dim sun, including creating rainbows just like the sun does during the day!
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I'm an award-winning landscape and night photographer, workshop instructor, and author.  I have been exploring the American West for four decades.  I entered a career in digital imaging over three decades ago in the Graphic Printing and Imaging Division at Tektronix.  I've used digital cameras close to 15 years.  I am an avid traveler and prolific photographer, sharing new work daily for the past 10 years (as Internet availability allows, as I travel).

For the past five years, I have been recording my favorite 300+ locations in California from Yosemite to San Diego, to share them with you in my new book, "Photographing California Vol. 2 - South", now available in bookstores, on and via my blog.

I've been leading night photography workshops in Bodie State Historic Park since 2012, and in 2013 I added YosemiteDeath Valley and the Eastern Sierra.  I'll be offering a wide range of workshops in 2016; contact me for the latest schedule.

Thank you for taking a look at my photography.  Living so close to Yosemite and Death Valley here in the Eastern Sierra, I can't wait to show you what I've discovered lately!

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