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Das trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf. Leider!
Losing My Patience with Google+

Over the last six months or so I have watched as the quality of engagement here on Google+ has steadily declined. I have watched my follower count fluctuate and flatline. I have watched as people I used to engage with quite a bit here have left or dramatically scaled back their investments of time here. And yes, I have seen my own enthusiasm for investing time here wane significantly.

I ask myself why and the answers are never as simple as I would like. In the end though, I have come to the sad conclusion that the real thing that is killing Google+ is just plain bad management.

Lack of Attention
One gets the real sense that many of the people now charged with running Google+ don't really understand what it was that once made this service so good in its early days. Indeed, one gets the sense that few of the people managing the service today even really use Google+. There are a few noteworthy exceptions like +Yonatan Zunger and +Leo Deegan, of course. I once made a circle with some 50+ Googlers who were once active here, and when I click on that stream, well, it feels a lot like a ghost town.

+Bradley Horowitz, the VP in charge of Streams, Photos and Sharing, (which is where Google+ sits within the Google org structure) hasn't posted here on Google+ in half a year.

Oh, and remember +Luke Wroblewski, who used to manage Google+ and would send out all those updates on the redesign? Well, he hasn't posted a single thing here in over 7 weeks (even though @lukew is quite active on Twitter). You know why? I just happened to check his LinkedIn profile, and he's apparently no longer managing Google+. I don't recall seeing any announcement of this change - just a sudden silence from the man perhaps most responsible for the UI makeover of Google+.

Rudderless and Un-resourced
That decision to remake the Google+ UI followed a long string of decisions going back to the separation of Photos and Hangouts, each of which have seriously hurt the service. I know there were probably some good reasons to move to the new, mobile-dominant (as opposed to "mobile-friendly") UI, but the lack of enduser empathy from deprecating all the old functionality really was pretty staggering. Much of it hasn't come back, and much of what has is so stripped down (e.g. Events, community moderation) that it isn't really that usable.

As users, we have been asked to be patient and to have faith in the new strategy. Because I have been such a huge fan of Google+ for so long, that is exactly what I have done. I've been patient. I've believed. Believed that some big, cool fix was coming down the pike that would not only fix all the problems caused by the UI decision, but actually start innovating again with some cool new functionality.

Yes, we got Collections, and they actually are quite useful even if they do need a lot of work still. But that's really about it. It's been a couple years now and the silence is stultifying.

And finally, it hit me:

Maybe this is it. Maybe Google has significantly curtailed its investments in this network. Maybe the management squandered the scarce resources it did have on a redesign that users weren't really even asking for. And maybe, just maybe, what we see right now is pretty much what we're going to get.

User Investments
And this is where I start to get really mad. Like many others here, I have invested a lot of personal time and energy building a following here. Like many of you, I have poured heart and soul into filling this place not just with great content, but also with a sense of community. I could have made those investments in Twitter or Facebook or reddit, but like many of you, I made them here. And now I'm starting to wonder how smart of a decision that was.

All of this is particularly raw right now because I'm starting to play around a bit with the new distributed social network called Mastodon ( It's far from perfect, but one thing that is very different is that it is open source and federated, rather than centrally owned and controlled.

There are lots of implications to this different model. For one, there is lots of competition and innovation in the works because Mastodon sits on top of GNU Social and rests within a "Fediverse" of related, and interoperable, social network platforms. They are working on solutions that make it easy to export your content from one platform to another - to prevent lock-in. Also, there is a lot of visibility on exactly what investments are being made in the platform by various contributors.

More importantly though, there is a very conscious understanding that the value of these networks is only partially the result of the software developers behind these solutions. Just as much of it lies with the end users.

In the end, this is the thing that I am most frustrated about right now with Google+. End users have made this place every bit as much as the coders and product planners behind Google+. This isn't to in any way diminish the importance of those contributions. But what I do find frustrating is the way that Google seems to regularly dismiss the importance, and the real economic and social value, of end user contributions. This was true with Google Reader, and sadly it appears to be true with Google+.

I'm still rooting for Google+ to turn things around, of course. I have a huge soft spot for this place, given all the great learning I've done here with my fellow travelers. But one thing is clear: I'm losing my patience, and I don't think I'm alone. 

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LowCarb Rhabarber Wähe mit max. 2g. Kohlenhydraten pro 100g.
Teig: Mandelmehl, Mikrokristalline Cellulose. Flohsamen, Gluten und Eiweiss
Guss: Mandelmilch, Eier

Want: Ada 2015
Have: Akira, Jahan, Moyer16, PA Chappeau 16, NL1331E
HO or @Aspergillus in TG

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Geistig verwirrter Mann stürmt Pressekonferenz im Weißen Haus und pöbelt Journalisten an

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2016, the year of the culprit of my love

Everybody needs someone to make them feel like tomorrow is more than just another day.

I was looking for someone to inspire me,
motivate me,
support me,
keep me focused…

Someone who would love me,
cherish me,
make me happy and
I realised that all along I was searching for … portals!

And I found them! Lots of them! They are spread all over the world waiting to be conquered.

So I started to conquer them, one by one. Whenever I find one, a smile flits over my face. I take out my scanner and look at it. Sometimes it needs to be cured from a green slime, sometimes it just looks like a virgin. In the former case I first gently shoot my bursters at it. Then, i insert my resonators, one after another. Sometimes just one, sometimes a few more. I stick a shield, or two or a multi hack. If I want the pleasure to increase even more, I use a heat sink, so it doesn’t get too hot.

Often, I don’t go alone, since it is more fun to do it together. So we join and explore the world to have fun, do silly things or just enjoy what nature offers us. It’s so much fun to do it by day and by night, in the cold or even when it’s hot. :D

After the portal gives us a key, we usually care for it for a while. Every few days they get a bit of XM, either from me, or from others, just so that they feel well and stay alive.

Since 2013 other people started to envy what we were doing and wanted to capture the same portals within the next few months after we visited them. First, there were agents, then there were grudger, and in 2016, after they couldn't handle it anymore, there came another species: the spoofers.

It happened once, it happened twice. After a while, i knew it would happen very often because the above mentioned frogs are weak. They are so weak, they just couldn’t take it anymore. So they resorted to cheating to help them in their cause.

Still, ingress remains very fun for me every day. It was always about the adventure, the exploration and it still is. In addition to that, it is nice to see, that every time they spoofed one of my portals they failed and I won (again ^^). The map shows a list of very special portals (82 of them to be precise) where the love was so intense, that they were taken down by accounts known to be banned for spoofing.

With this post I send out greetings to all these individuals, that send me their love by investing lots of energy and time to take my portals down. Especially to those that work with spoofers and/ or cooperate with them. I can tell you, I love you too. You are my main motivation to keep playing and discovering :D You have failed many times and you will keep failing as long as I play.

#ingress #spoofgress #ingressvalentine

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Simpler Rosa Pfeffer(Schinus terebinthifolius - Brasilianischer Pfefferbaum) wirkt gegen MRSA (Antibiotika resistentes Killerbakterium) !!

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Trump muss weg!

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Das wär doch mal ein Statement.

Ein Präsident der seine kommissarische Justizministerin entlässt weil sie sich dem Recht mehr verpflichtet fühlt als dem Präsidenten ist meiner Ansicht nach auf dem besten Weg zum Diktator.

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Resistance Switzerland Nightstalkers are Epic
This time in a Region with a very low portal-density. We just increased the radius up to almost 200km to finaly set up 1300 L8 portals during the night.
Epic food! Epic snowstorm! Epic Agents!
Proud to have been part of it!

Letztes Wochenende trafen sich 45 Agenten aus der ganzen Schweiz und Voralberg im Restaurant zum Metzgertor in Chur und 7 weitere stiessen zum Nightstalker noch dazu. Total 52 Agenten beteiligt an der OP.

Das Restaurant zum Metzgertor hat eine lange Tradition bei uns Ingressern in Chur. Hier feiert die Res, die Enl und früher sogar ab und an beide gemeinsam. So ist es kein Wunder dass wir dieses Lokal für unseren Nightstalker ausgesucht haben. Zum Essen gab es erst ein Salatbuffet mit allen was man auch nur entfernt in einen Salat packen könnte (Bestellt war eine Schüssel grüner Salat lacht ). Als Hauptgang gab es bündnerische Spezialitäten vom Buffet (Capuns, Maluns mit Käs und Öpfelmuas, Erbsapüre, Prättigauer Hackfleischbällali, Pizokel und Gmüaspizokel). Und zum Dessert Kuchen, gebrannte Creme und Tirami su. Auf gut deutsch… Wir waren voll wie ne gestopfte Gans.

Anschliessend an diese Völlerei rollten wir in den Schneesturm hinaus und ich möchte hier meine Bewunderung für alle Agenten im Feld zum Ausdruck bringen. Ich hatte bei dem Wetter grosse Bedenken und auch schon Notschlafplätze organisiert und wir standen ehrlich gesagt sehr kurz vor dem Abbruch. Aber es wurde vorsichtig in Konvois gefahren und Rücksicht aufeinander genommen. Auf Nachfrage wie der Strassenzustand und das Wetter sei wurde mir berichtet, dass alles im ok-Bereich sei und ich endlich aufhören soll mir Sorgen zu machen. Zu schwere erreichbare Gebiete (zB Arosa&Davos) wurden ausgelassen und das Tempo für die ganze OP runtergefahren. Wir erreichten bis am morgen ca 1300 L8 Portale auf dem Gebiet der Ostschweiz. Meiner Meinung nach ist das weitaus weniger als möglich gewesen wäre. Aber auch weitaus mehr als ich für möglich gehalten hätte bei dem Wetter.

Am Morgen trafen sich dann 3 der 5 Teams in Chur zum Frühstück. Das Restaurant zum Metzgertor hat uns den Schlüssel gegeben (Auch falls wir uns in der Nacht aufwärmen möchten oder abbrechen müssten. ein kleines Frühstücksbuffet aufgestellt.

Spezielle Danksagung:

Agent Aspergillus (Team Liechtenstein) und Agentin Wuscheli (Team Glarus) den Schneeengeln. Euer Mut und eure Opferbereitschaft wird im ewigen Gedenken der Resistance Schweiz bleiben.

Fieldagent Malvenia, Operator F3NRISWULF und Operator jhuesser für das durchführen der SiteOP Reskey-Schneeengel.

Die Fahrer der Operation. Ganz ehrlich in ihrer Haut wär ich ungern gesteckt. Bei dem Schneesturm während 6 Stunden konzentriert Autofahren mitten in der Nacht. Hut ab.

Die Mitglieder der Orga. Danke für euren Einsatz.

Hier noch ein paar Zahlen:
ca 1300 P8-Portale
52 Agenten aus allen Ecken der Schweiz und Voralberg
5 Teams
1 Bus
11 Autos

Abenezra ADAmods Annele Aspergillus BauWi Breezeblockz cash78 Chicken3gg Chnorzy chrissolo Chur93 Constantin Cracyscientist dbene DNovark evilpac F3NRISWULF Fabolous81 Hilmy jhuesser Karimse KingManuV Kitchen7000 LADYsilla lakeforest lechat LivyDai Malvenia MarcoGG Meliciana Micky Milanos mudiir Nothofagus Phandogra Phazor23 Pikrin sablier94 Sayalie scroop7 simier Souchix SpamKing SpamQueen swisscrozz Turmales WallyZH Wuscheli Xixonos YAKUAN yopodj Zepetus Zuljeron

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Ha ha. +1 für Android!
Sorry: Nur für Android, nicht für iOS. ¯\(ツ)/¯
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