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#Grepo #Computers is holding a #LIQUIDATION #SALE from March 22nd to March 29th come into our store front location for some awesome deals!!!

Also next week we we'll be hosting "#Deals of the #Day" so stay connected!!!

4521 Church Avenue (Between E45th & E46th streets)


#Slow #computer? #Viruses? #Malware? Grepo can help!

1. Backup your data
2. Reformat the system, and Re-install Windows
3. Install GOOD security software BEFORE connecting to the Internet (I like AVG, SpyBot Search & Destroy, Super Anti-spyware)
4. Install THE best tool for fighting spyware: Mozilla Firefox. Use Firefox as your primary web browser.
5. Keep your security software updated as well as Windows patches


Do #not have #two #anti #virus #installed on your computer at the same time, they will clash and cause conflicts and consume the computers resources!


Consider getting a second #battery to #maximize your #computer life. It will keep your computer running on 1 charge and if you get a portable battery, you can attach it to your phone, and other portable media devices.

We fix screens for all #APPLE products so don't hesitate and make your way down to Grepo Computers!

G-Tips for #Kids

-Avoid giving out your e-mail address to people you don't know
- Never give out your full name, telephone number, home address or the name of your school
- Don't open e-mails or attachments from people you don't know
- If you visit a web site or receive an e-mail that makes you feel    uncomfortable, tell your parent or whoever looks after you
- Don't tell other people your Internet passwords
- Try to avoid staring at the screen for too long without a break

Just putting something into the #Trash or the #Recycle Bin doesn’t actually #delete it, You then have to #empty the Trash or Recycle Bin.


#Backing #up your computer is extremely important because without backup yon can lose your data any time due to any virus, power failure and hard disk problem.
These are some of the systems you should always backup 


#Delete #hidden #junk #files
Hidden or temporary files are created without the user knowing. All you have to do is open files, browse the Internet, install programs, and more files are created in the background.this slows down your computer, so add this to your computer maintenance schedule.


#Defrag your #Computer 
When you install programs onto your computer the files are scattered all over the place in the closest available space. Therefore it is important that we organize the files that were installed into a logical order. When you defrag your computer the files are placed together if they belong together. This makes programs open up faster as everything they need is close by.
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