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Electric Vehicle Institute
News Updates on the EV and Smart Grid Revolutoin
News Updates on the EV and Smart Grid Revolutoin

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+BMW +BMW i 

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In honor of the #National_Drive_Electric_Week‬  the Mayor of the City of #Baltimore‬   #Stephanie_Rawlings_Blake‬  announced the testing and leasing of four #Electric_Vehicles‬  ( #EV‬ )s (+Nissan  #Leaf+Volkswagen USA  #E_Golf ‬, +Mercedes-Benz  #Smart_Car ‬, +Chevrolet  #Spark ‬) as well as doubling the size of their EV #Charging_Infrastructure‬ :

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Anybody that has ever had an interest #BYD​   #Electric_Vehicles  should watch #Robert_Llewllyn_Fully_Charged Episode on the BYD's #e6 :

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In this podcast a panel of energy experts discuss what "we need to understand as we transition to a truly sustainable energy economy." I agree that increased use of electric #renewableenergy in many sectors of our economy will be critical to help achieve the all-renewable economy of the future. See also my recent white paper in which I discuss in more detail how #pluginhybrid #electricvehicles can contribute to a #sustainable future for transportation:
Using the Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

and my page at Autopedia
PHEV Vehicles of the Future - Andrew A. Frank - Autopedia

#electrification #PHEV #carsofthefuture #alternativefuel #electricfuel #GoElectric #experienceelectric 

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* We also started solar power plant ongrid/offgrid per kilowatt 55,000rs
* we also started solar water pump
(1) per HP 60,000rs with installation
*we started solar panel manufacturing machines.
(1) laminator,sun stimulator
Dear friends
now we started to manufacturer solar panels.
prise for a grade solar pv panel is 33rs per watt
prise for a grade solar pv panel is cheaper then chinese per watt
contact:kishan patel

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Hot or Not? Is the new look of the +TOYOTA  #Prius  for you?

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For roughly 6,000 dollars preorder the most utilitarian and contemporary #EBike  on the market by #Bolt_Motorbikes​  the #M1   #InsideEVs   

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Find out why it is important to " #Know_the_Difference‬ " between a #kiloWatt‬  and a #kiloWatt_hour‬  with #EVI‬ 's newest publication:

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#BEVI‬  & #MarylandEV : How can we be like #LA‬  and bring #Car_Sharing‬  to #Low_Income_Households‬ ? 
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