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Den Blå Planet
Today 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Jacob Fortlingsvej 1 2770 Kastrup Denmark
Jacob Fortlingsvej 1DKHovedstadenKastrup2770
+45 44 22 22
AquariumToday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Huge, sleek, whirlpool-shaped aquarium with fresh & sea water wildlife, plus educational displays.- Google
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Diego Alonso's profile photo
Diego Alonso
5 months ago
The place is quite small, even reading all the text, it can be seen in 1 hour. Some electronic displays were malfunctioning. The pools have nice decoration and I appreciate the effort to include English in the explanations and info panels.
Mattias Zippert's profile photo
Mattias Zippert
a year ago
Very nice place, but badly designed. Confusing layout making visitors to different sections constantly run into exiting visitors. It feels like the arcitects wants you to think the place is bigger than it actually is. A beautiful building with plenty to see, but not designed for the amount of visitors that comes during peek hours. Suggest a visit either immediatly after opening (10 am) or late in the afternoon/evening to avoid the crowds. Buy your tickets online and avoid the (constant ?) queue to get in (and save money). Seems larger on the outside than it feels on the inside.
• • •
Mats Andersson's profile photo
Mats Andersson
a year ago
Terrible experience. Parking was crammed full with 50+ more cars circulating looking for a place to park. Cue to get in was around 15 minutes, not to bad. Sound level when entering was terrible, very loud and since the acoustics was sub par the noise was reverberating back and forth, making people talk louder.. and louder... Once in the layout was a maze, they even had to hand out maps at the cash register. Not well thought out. Climate was awful, every single person in there was sweaty, No need to keep an aquarium at 30 degrees centigrade. The place was extremely crowded as well, probably twice as many persons in the place than would have been comfortable and reasonable. The fish tanks were nice, some of them a bit to small for the fish in them though. At other aquariums i've been to there has been sort of a railing 75-80cm out from the fish tank to get a little space between the window and the people. here you had 3 grown ups and a kid blocking all the view up close to the glass and 5-10 people behind them shuffling to try to get a peek of the fish. This happened at every fish tank and REALLY stopped the flow of people. Half way through we decided to eat. Nothing fancy, a few beers, some fish&Chips and a Flaeskesteg sandwich. Cue was around 40 person long. 20 minutes of cueing later we were at the register. Just as we were about to order the register crashes and the girl behind the counter asks me to hold on a minute... 1 minute turns into 5min, turns into 10min. I get tired of waiting and suggests that perhaps i can order at the other register, but oh no, if i want to do that i have to go to the end of that line and aim for another 20 minutes cue. Oh joy... So, 10 minutes later they fix the problem, we get to order food, decent prices considering its Denmark. takes around 20 more minutes to get the food. All in all 60+ minutes to get basic food. Conclusion: Positives: Nice fish tank and nice fish Ok food Negatives: A bit pricey Way to many people Tropical heat/broken climate controller Poor access to the fish tanks Slow and unhelpful staff Long lines to get in and to get food Painfully high sound levels, If kids got more than 5 meters away from their parents they had to scream to get the kids to be able to hear. Poor parking facilities, when we arrived 2 lots had 0 places left and 1 lot was closed. One more thing, i visited the webpage on my cellphone, it hyped their own app "Den blå planet" app. Next to it it had a QR-code to scan... So, i'm on my mobile device and on my screen i have a QR-code to scan with my mobile device... See how that doesn't really work out? But, i didn't give up, a bit further down on the page i found the "download app here" link. You know the link that takes you straight to the Apple Appstore or Google Play store to download the app? It took me back to the page with the QR-code and round and round we go...
• • •
A Google User
a week ago
Marco Carbone's profile photo
Marco Carbone
a year ago
Very small place with very small fish. ...honestly, paying 180kr. for this is definitely a rip off. For that price I was expecting more interesting activities for both adults and children. In particular: - shows are not very interesting. E.g., a girl gives some explanation for 5 minutes with a very boring voice (no offence, but you should entertain the audience). Then they feed the fish by dropping food from the top but you can't really see much because fish go up and eat up above. - Each aquarium has some labels with the names of the contained animals but with no further explanations/information - very small choice - an empty parking lot charges you 10kr per Amager...where there is usually no traffic...come on... I find much more interesting/entertaining the evil Copenhagen zoo or Tivoli...and much cheaper too...
• • •
Magnus Fohlman's profile photo
Magnus Fohlman
a year ago
Date of visit: 31th July 2013 Den blå planet or the blue planet reopened in 2013 in a new building close to Copenhagen Airport. When we visited it had been opened for 5 months so it was relatively new which should be taken in consideration when reading this review. The first thing that hit us was the 1½ hr long queue of hundreds of people that wanted to get in. We had heard of this in beforehand so we had already booked and bought our tickets online. If you do this you will have the privilege of going in the fast track queue which is much, much faster. It was very crowded inside as well and walking around the different areas with a baby carriage was quite difficult. Not only because of the crowd, but also because the aisles and rooms sometimes felt narrow and underdimensioned. The coolest feature of the blue planet is definitaly the huge fishtank that has to be +20m high or someting like that. That was really cool. But other than that I actually don´t think it was that great. it was smaller than we had expected and we did a whole run in about 40-45minutes. The onsite restaurant is ok. But sodas are really expensive, unfortunately i discovered this afterwards. It was 30dk for a 25cl Soda, so bring your own water! Food prices are ok though. The ventilation just didn´t cut it. it was hot almost everywhere. Another thing I noticed was that I don´t think I remembered that any announcements about shows where made in another language than Danish. I may be wrong about this, but it´s a big downside for people not understanding danish. Much of the negative experiences given in this review is due to the large amount of visitors and my belief is that when the novelty of The blue planet has gone down it will probably be more pleasing to visit. To sum it up. It´s ok for a daytrip if you´re visiting Copenhagen, but I wouldn´t compare it to, let´s say, Monterey bay Aquarium which we liked so much more. When our children grow up we will probably visit The blue planet again but then we´ll bring our own drinking water :)
• • •
Paul Malmheden's profile photo
Paul Malmheden
2 years ago
Order tickets beforehand! Cheaper and also you don't have to stand in an hourlong queue. Also try to allocate about 3-4 hrs and preferably at the end of opening hours to avoid congestion which is quite bothersome. Well inside there are lots of nice displays, especially the oceanarium is very cool. Some exhibits are a bit corny, also the Sealion tanks seem on the small side for such demanding animals. Somewhat saddening. Toilets are far between but well kept, the restaurant is also quite chaotic but good eats. Do get a map as the general directions inside are quite sparse and it's complicated to get an overview of "what is where". Otherwise the architecture is cool but does tend to accentuate the bad soundlevels from screaming children. A better soundproofing would've gone a long way, and the open spaces make the soundlevels more of a problem. As for the price it's on the steep end, and revisit-value is somewhat limited unless you're a real Sealife-fan. All in all well worth a visit, but avoid rushhour and bring soundprotection if you have a hearing problem.
• • •
Phil Bentley's profile photo
Phil Bentley
2 years ago
The aquarium itself is pretty good. The main tank with rays and sharks is impressive. We liked the pirhana tank and the nice reef. I have snorkeled on the barrier reef and their tank is a nice one. Now for the flaws. There are nowhere near enough toilets, and the toilets are buried in the middle of the building, after you have paid. Good luck if you arrive after a long journey and a lot of people have the same idea as you. Next to the main tank someone had the bright idea of installing a coffee bar. It was pandemonium trying to get to either the fish or the coffee. The "cold north" display is lame. The sign looked like a puffin but we saw 3 ducks and could not find the puffins. One of the tanks had either seals or sealions in it. We did not see anything in the tank because it was so dirty you could not see through the water. Instead we went to the giaint octopus tank, which is seriously cool. The entrance had two displays that were dire. There is a BBC-sponsored wall with some projected image of the ocean on it. Somewhere else we heard techno music. It turned out to be a small BBC-sponsored room with a screen. No idea why movies of oceans and waves require techno music. I must be getting old. Best bit: the barrier reef. My daughter loved it, found the clown fish, would not leave, and now we got home she is watching "finding nemo" with her grandmother!
• • •