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Holly Sutton
Living in Dangerous Proximity to Jesus
Living in Dangerous Proximity to Jesus

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Choosing Faith Not Fear
I am choosing to let go of fear and move forward. I have to. For my sanity. My mind is not the enemy's playground. A war has been waged for my mind. The lies have roared so loud that it often drowns out Truth. But God wants me to choose Truth. His Truth. He...

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Let's decrapify!
It's been awhile since I blogged. Sometimes life's circumstances require silence. Sometimes you feel the need to crawl in a hole, bandage your heart and just sit with God. He sees. He heals. He knows. Even writers struggle to put words to some things. At le...

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Look Closely And See
A land with deep scars - some visible...some not. A people with deep hurts - some visible...some not. A land of beauty and pain. A people of hope and love. The landscape is dotted with broken homes A glimpse of the broken lives within A boy searches through...

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Thankful #6
Happy Friday! It's been a long week at work and I'm looking forward to a couple days without work. And yet. That leads me into my thankful for today. I am thankful to have a job. The company where I work is going through a really tough season of early retir...

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Dancing with eternity
Lately I've been thinking a lot about eternity. How there's more than just this life. That what we do now affects our eternity. Once upon a time, a mentor posed the question to me, "How are you dancing with eternity?" And I wrote some reflections on  how et...

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Bedtime blessings
I don't know where I came across these bedtime blessings for kids but I love them. You can just fill in the blank with your child's name or even your own name and pray Scripture blessings on them/you.  ----------------------------------------------- Thank y...

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Small things
Sometimes (most times?) you just have to start small and build up. When you are trying to get healthy, most people don't start with working out every day and eating healthy organic meals every meal of every day. Most people have to take small steps to incor...

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Warm days
I am thankful for warm days in November.

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Do you ever look at how someone is spending their time and you wonder what they are thinking? You want to shake them and ask, "What are you trying to escape?" or "What are you trying to prove?" There are things in this world (alchohol, drugs, sex, work, TV,...

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Let It Go
Dear God, Please hear my heart. Hear my cry. There is so much going on in life. Sometimes my head is spinning so much and all I want to do is scream. I realize I do not have that much control over things that happen, but I still try to take control, hurting...
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