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A new version of graph-tool is available!

This version includes a much faster binary format for working with very large graphs.

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Webinar: Data Visualization - How to unlock value in Data – 12th Nov, 2014, 1 PM EST

Conveying meaning in data quickly is the focal point of analytics. Visual analytics helps you discover new relationships in data, prompts you to ask new questions, and helps you convey what you see to others. Join us for this webinar to learn how to unlock the potential of your data using data visualizations. 

Save the date! 12th Nov, 2014 (Wednesday), Time: 1 PM EST

How to join?
Register here to join the webinar:
For more details and upcoming webinars, stay tuned to our webinar hub page:

Who should join?
This free webinar is an excellent opportunity for businesses/corporate professionals that deal with huge data trying to discover new relationships and unlock the potential in data using data visualizations.
Webinar Objectives:
• Understand how to make sense of vast data quickly
• Elicit questions you did not ask before 
• Using visualizations to discover new data relationships 
• Learn how data visualization can help identify hidden insights in data
• Explore various visualizations hand-picked by experts

About Speaker:  Chaitanya Sagar, CEO of Perceptive Analytics.
Chaitanya Sagar is the founder and CEO of Perceptive Analytics. He is a Chartered Accountant (equivalent to CPA) and also holds a MBA from the Indian School of Business. He has a total experience of 15 years serving 300+ clients from medium to large companies in the USA, India, Australia, Europe and Middle East. He is an expert in creating Data Visualizations and has made presentations at international conferences. 

About Perceptive Analytics:  

Perceptive Analytics is a Data Analytics company, offering specialized services in Data Visualization, Dashboard Design, Marketing Analytics, Web Marketing Analytics, Spreadsheet Modeling and Application Solutions. We have the reputation of being a trusted advisor with a penchant to deliver compelling value. We help clients unlock hidden insights using our cutting edge data visualizations. The clientele we serviced include a wide range of companies from listed companies to start ups in Silicon Valley to privately owned multi-billion dollar companies. 
RSVP here:
            Contact Info:  Chaitanya Sagar,

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Blogpost about keywords, libraries, gephi maps and zooming in on 'small' subject areas.

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Keywords. Collecting data. My new blog about collecting, processing and  presenting information.  

The next one in the series about libraries, maps and keywords. A little bit more technical now, but some readers asked 'how I did it'.

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Computer and Art

Art is commonly used by some people to describe the uniqueness of humans or in some cases to show the difference between a human and a machine. But still there are many attempts in creating computers or computer programs that can create art forms. And the purpose of this article is to discuss about this idea of computers creating their own art.

Art is almost as old as humankind. Since that the answer to the question, ” What is art?” also has changed  throughout the history. Some of the ways that art can be described are a form of mimesis (representation of reality), expression, communication of emotion or other qualities.

Complete Article at,

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Well, a robot learning karate moves do look scary and even more when you get to know that it's developed by Google whose slogan for a lot of years was "Don't be Evil". 

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Historical Anatomy – Old Hand Drawn Science Art. The National Library of Medicine keeps an outstanding historical record of historic studies in the human anatomy.  #gallery  
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