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Adam Chandler
Family, Friends, Commercial Development, Music, Art, Travel, Sports.
Family, Friends, Commercial Development, Music, Art, Travel, Sports.

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Our Cucked Election
--> The only reason I ever debate politics with anyone is
because the imp of the perverse has taken hold and I wish to wind
that person up into a frothing frenzy for no good reason. But this election year something is wrong, nobody really
wants to play. Bot...

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Hemingway Pulls Us Too Far Out.
(The Old Man and The Sea, Buena Vista Social Club) Whenever they give you a
book to read in school you know there will be more to the book than just the
story in front of you. You know they are trying make you understand that the...

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Some thoughts on writing fresh from the Old Mans boat. 

Wake up and write bitches!

(Bitches is used in the bro vernacular denoting no derogatory statement toward women)  

((Hemingway would have never written a disclaimer)) 

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Happy new year everyone.

I have been quietly eating away at my novel and while I do not really feel like it is in a form to share at the moment I thought the group might read an older work of mine which I think is close to its final rendition.

I posted this when this group first started and only Brain read it (Thank you) but I was hoping for some other opinions. 

I guess this work falls into the short story category even if it is a bit longish. I was thinking of submitting it somewhere..but I really have no idea where to send a story like this.

I always like feedback, and no worries about hurting my feelings. So few people ever read anything of mine that I am just curious as to how it reads to others and the impression it leaves.

I know the story starts slow but I would implore you to get past the first couple of pages.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to the feedback, comments, questions or suggestions.  

Adding me back? I had no idea you had even dumped me.

My name is Adam and I wrote something today. 
True it was seventy five words, and not a very inspired seventy five at that. 
That is all.

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Speaking of writers block. How about you edit my story so I can send it in!
"I think “writer’s block” may be just be a euphemism for “being scared” or “being lazy.”

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