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so folks ...

It is confirmed Tony Pua will not resign from the PAC and that he will no longer debate with Arul Kanda. He has chosen to HIDE BEHIND HIS PAC MEMBERSHIP, to run away from a showdown he aggressively harassed Arul Kanda to accept, which Arul HAS AGREED TO WITH ZERO CONDITIONS.

Now, Tony ' NO BALLS' Pua offered Rafizi Ramli as replacement debater. The obvious question is ...

- why doesn’t Rafizi Ramli replace Tony 'NO BALLS' Pua in the PAC, so that Tony 'NO BALLS' Pua can debate with Arul ?

- It was specifically Tony 'NO BALLS' Pua who challenged Arul Kanda in the first place. He made it personal, and used mocking words like “I will not punch him”, “my allegations”, “embarrassing me”, etc

Got NO BALLS eh Tony Pua ? ..

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Ever heard of STATOIL ? ...

I bet most of us never heard of it but this is something that Malaysian Government should learn the NORWAY SUCCESS STORY.

The history of the oil and gas industry in Norway is a saga of BOLD POLITICAL DECISIONS, rapid WORLD-CLASS industrial development, and INVESTING OIL INCOME for FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Despite being a SMALL, PERIPHERAL AND COSTLY MARKET, NORWAY HAS BECOME ONE OF THE MOST PROSPEROUS ECONOMIES in the world. The oil and gas supplier cluster, is a good example of the way forward. Norway has been able to develop a supplier cluster that supports oil and gas production.

Today, the Norwegian supplier companies are LEADING PLAYERS that are STRATEGICALLY POSITIONED in many of the most dynamic oil provinces in the world. The Norwegian people, ACROSS PARTY LINES ( various political parties ), are generally proud of their Government.

So folks, maybe our Government should LEARN and start THINKING outside the box for the sake of our future generations, instead of using PETRONAS money for bail-out exercises, unhealthy exorbitant subsidies, cutting lavishing useless expenses, other factors that affect our daily life, isn't it ...
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REALPOLITIK' ... not real politic, don't get it wrong.

guess most of us never heard about 'REALPOLITIK' well here is your chance to learn new stuff and connect it to the current political situation in hand.

'REALPOLITIK' - (from German: real "realistic", "practical", or "actual"; and Politik "politics", German pronunciation: [ʁeˈaːlpoliˌtɪk]) is politics or diplomacy based primarily on considerations of power and on practical and material factors, rather than explicit ideological notions or moral or ethical premises.

okay too bombarstic isn't it, jeez, watdafak does it mean ... let me put it in the simplest manner.

Here we go ...

'REALPOLITIK' - in politics your own team players are as much the enemy as those players from the opposing team. Sometimes, even, YOUR OWN TEAM PLAYERS ARE EVEN MORE AN ENEMY than those players from the opposing team.

In politics it is not about scoring goals or about winning the football game. It is about WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE GOAL IS SCORED OR AFTER THE GAME IS WON. You do not just look at the game. YOU LOOK BEYOND THE GAME.

In short ...

In politics THERE ARE NO SIDES, there are only players. And if you cannot understand this then you have NO BUSINESS BEING IN POLITICS. And POLITICS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED. You have NO FRIENDS in politics. YOU ONLY HAVE ENEMIES. Everyone, those from your own side as well as those from the other side, are enemies. AND THOSE FROM YOUR OWN SIDE CAN BE WORSE ENEMIES than those from the other side.

Of course, in politics you MAKE ALLIANCES. But you do not make alliances with friends because you have no friends in politics. YOU MAKE ALLIANCES WITH ENEMIES, enemies from your own side as well as enemies from the other side. And these alliances are not permanent. They are temporary. They will last only AS LONG AS THE ALLIANCES SERVE YOUR INTEREST and when they no longer serve your interest the alliance ends.

So there you have it ...

Ideology, morality and ethics HAVE NO PLACE IN 'REALPOLITIK'. Realpolitik is about POWER, PRAGMATISM and MATERIALISM. This is what politics is all about and if you thought otherwise then you are downright silly and are a greenhorn who has no business even talking about politics, let alone being involved in politics.

Now, apply it to our current political scenario ...

Lim Kit Siang now SUPPORTS Mahathir in spite of condemning that old man and calling him nasty names for more than 30 years. Now, he even WANTS Mahathir together with Musa Hitam and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi TO TAKE OVER THE GOVERNMENT ... That is called 'REALPOLITIK'.

Mahathir WANTS the Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament to work with the opposition Members of Parliament and SUPPORT A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE AGAINST NAJIB even if that will hurt UMNO ... That is called 'REALPOLITIK'.


None of the idiots above consider the post-Najib events. The objective was merely to oust Najib and not that ousting Najib was the means to an end or to achieve a higher objective. And MOST DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO SUGGEST OR HAD CONSIDERED the scenario after Najib has been kicked out by force.

Ousting Najib WITHOUT A SOLID POST-NAJIB PLAN in place might not actually be the solution to a problem but instead WILL TRIGGER A BIGGER PROBLEM(S).

Get the points ladies and gentlemen ? You still don't get it ?
Then better stop talking about or involve in politics, SUCK IT UP !

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This part of Zakaria Jaafar (former MACC deputy chief commissioner) statement, though, beats it all ...

“According to what many have said, t who is the giver? That’s what we need to find out because the person will be the main witness, but his location overseas will surely prolong the investigation process.”

A man of the law never says: “according to what many have said.” That is VERY VAGUE and is HEARSAY and IS NOT ADMISSABLE in court. Who said it and when was it said? Is that person or persons prepared to testify in court as to where he, she or they got that information from?

WHERE THE HELL DID ZAKARIA GET HIS LAW DEGREE FROM? And he boasts about his 33 years in the MACC and yet he does not know something that a first year law student would know.

Zakaria then goes around and around talking about this, that and the other regarding the RM2.6 billion. Basically he expounds on the who, why, when, etc. But then the ORIGINAL ISSUE IS THAT THE MONEY CAME FROM 1MDB. WHY DOES ZAKARIA NOT JUST SAY THAT THE MACC HAS ALREADY CONFIRMED THAT THE MONEY DID NOT COME FROM 1MDB? Why all this drama and why take us halfway across the world just to say in the end that the money did not come from 1MDB without saying so?

And then Zakaria introduces the subject of SRC International Sdn Bhd, which he says used to be a subsidiary of 1MDB. NOW THIS IS WHERE ZAKARIA TRIPPED UP AND THIS IS WHAT MAY HANG HIM IN THE END. So let us see if he continues to talk or whether he realises he may have opened his mouth too wide and now has a hook stuck in it.

Zakaria might be shooting at his own leg without knowing it ...

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Proof to me there are such things as Bangsa Johor, Bangsa Kelantan scientifically exist, show me the extensive research.

if you can't differentiate between BANGSA, NEGERI, KETURUNAN stop talking nonsense. Don't be FOOLED by some crooked person. If the RULERS can't even understand what is written in Federal Constitution | Perlembagaan Persekutuan better shut his or her mouth. Don't make it worst. There's already enough problems on the surface and don't deepened it more.

Understand and digest TITAH from Sultan Nazrin Muizzudin Shah ...

“The monarchy is a STABILISING PRESENCE, a SOURCE OF JUSTICE, an INSTRUMENT OF UNITY amongst variety. It is imperative that the monarchy is NOT PARTISAN, SOARING ABOVE POLITICAL POLEMICS to ensure that its role is well-received by the public while it is needed to mediate any conflicts.

The Sultan acts as a PAYUNG KEDAULATAN (umbrella of sovereign), duty-bound to provide JUST AND FAIR PROTECTION for each and every one of his subjects REGARDLESS of their race or religious backgrounds.”

RULERS should have had known their place, stand, principles applied by the Constitution. I'm Perakian but I dare say I am Rakyat Perak, but not BANGSA PERAK.

Stop being HARDCORE ASSABBIYYAH, fools !

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Mahathir ... WHERE IS DAIM ?

My take on yesterday morning’s press conference where the group of 6 spoke against SOSMA being used on Mahathir’s running dogs. Hmmm, what should I begin with ...

1) Mahathir now publicly admits that Dato Sri Najib has telor (balls). Not only has Najib dismissed the two unlucky persons sitting on the right of him from cabinet, Mahathir also admits that Najib is brave enough to throw two of his idiots in jail – MR BOTOX (Khairuddin) and MR FAST-UNTIL-DEATH-FOR-EIGHT-DAYS-ONLY (Matthias Chang). The two were hit by SOSMA and charged under Section 124(L) of the Penal Code for passing unverified OSA documents to foreign agencies in their round-the-world trip to no less than half a dozen countries – and in the process, have hurt our country’s economic sentiments and our Ringgit. They were not held for speaking out against the government as Mahathir alleges. IF THIS WAS INDEED THE CASE, ANINA, TONY PUA AND EVEN MAHATHIR HIMSELF WOULD ALREADY BE HELD UNDER SOSMA. Perhaps, Mahathir was trying to equate the arrest of the two to the hundreds of detentions without trial he prescribed during his 22-year dictatorship ( lupa gamaknya Mahathir ni ). Those were the years when, as Mahathir aptly describes, no one was arrested under the ISA for making a police report – because no one dared to make any police report against him for fear of being incarcerated.

2) Mahathir also brought Ku Li – who has stated that this is his last term as MP – just to tell the world that a vote of no confidence against Najib will not succeed. KU LI ALSO SUBTLY TOOK A SWIPE AT MAHATHIR FOR INTRODUCING THE 'SELF-SERVING SYSTEM' THAT IS NOW PROTECTING NAJIB.

3) Mahathir is also telling the world that HE HAS FAILED TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE WHO TRUSTED HIM – either they are in jail or they lost their job and is now in political wilderness. Mahathir is essentially sending out the message that he has failed those who trusted him. Who else would want to listen to the old fart now? Mahathir also appears to be saying he is now afraid of Najib. And that Najib may even be brave enough to act against him. Much like how Mahathir acted against his seniors in the past such as Tunku Abdul Rahman and Hussein Onn.

4) Mahathir brought Sanusi Junid and Ong Tee Keat to send a message that the ONLY PERSONS WILLING TO SUPPORT HIM NOW ARE THOSE FRUSTRATED POLITICIANS OF THE PAST. Sanusi Junid left UMNO in 2008 and consequently lost his prestigious post of UIAM president. He also did not get a chance to defend his seat in the 2013 General Elections. He remains in the political wilderness.

Ong Tee Keat became the shortest lived MCA president (he lasted just 17 months) when he lost to Chua Soi Lek despite Chua having a sex-scandal on him. He was also dropped unceremoniously in the 2013 elections. Later in the year, he was crushed in his bid for MCA presidency and came a distant last out of three candidates. He, however remains as the chairman of Yayasan Bakti Nusa Malaysia, a NGO he founded whose head office is above the local 7-11 in Pandan Jaya. Ong too remains in the political wilderness and unable to garner any support.

5) THE SMARTEST PERSON WHO DID NOT ATTEND APPEARS TO BE LONG-TIME MAHATHIR SUPPORTER, DAIM ZAINUDDIN, who refuses to appear in public with this bunch of frustrated leaders since he knows that Mahathir can no longer defend him from harm.
DAIM IS SMART ENOUGH TO STAY AWAY AND NOT PUT HIS RUMOURED BILLIONS RINGGIT WEALTH IN JEOPARDY. And that is my understanding of what Mahathir was actually trying to say yesterday morning.

So Mahathir, where is Daim  ? ...

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Liwat: Anwar didapati bersalah PUTRAJAYA 10 Feb. - Mahkamah Persekutuan hari ini memutuskan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bersalah meliwat bekas pembantu peribadinya, Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan. Panel lima hakim menolak rayuan akhir Anwar terhadap kesalahan berk...

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Khalid Ibrahim dakwa PKNS mampu menyelamatkan RM7 juta setahun daripada 22 kakitangan yang dipecat. Bayangkan berapa banyak wang rakyat yang dibazirkan bagi kakitangan yang selebihnya, jika 22 kakitangan yang dipecat sudah melibatkan kos sebanyak RM7 juta. ...

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KORUPSI PROJEK RM 1 BILION ... SPRM Perlu Bertindak Pantas
SPRM perlu melakukan siasatan lanjut pendedahan dokumen melibatkan Teresa Kok bagi projek rundingan terus bernilai RM1 bilion Goldsino Investment Development Limited, sebuah syarikat dari China Penulis tertarik dengan pendedahan sebuah blog mengenai sikap s...
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