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Jimmy Carter should be listed as one of the worst Presidents followed closely by Obama.
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Have him in circles
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Go in the middle of the week, not on weekends. There are too many low life thugs using their cell phones throughout the movie. Two weeks ago I went on a Friday. The parents with three kids sat in front of me. The kids constantly got up and down, ran to the front of the theatre, stood on the railings, cried for their mother and were a total pain in the azz. Both parents exited the theatre several tmes and came back in. I guess they thought they were watching a movie in their living room. I got pissed so I got up and got a manager. He came in and watched the family for about five minutes. He didn't say anything to them. As soon as he left the kids were up and down moving up and down the aisle and stairs. I can almost understand the shooting in a movie theatre a few weeks ago. TRASHY PEOPLE STAY HOME
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