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Dan Collis Puro
Father, husband, Senior Dev at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. Swell looker.
Father, husband, Senior Dev at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. Swell looker.

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Whoever came up with the jQuery UI ajax tab loading functionality: I love you.

As stinky and humid as this bus is, at least I'm not stuck on the newburyport/rockport train with a 1 hour delay. I'm an optimist only through the suffering of others.

A woman just wrote on a starbucks cup: "smile a day keeps the doctor away. Think big ideas, win lottery open own art gallery" and then directed her companion to deliberately litter it. She then went back to counting her rosary. Oh, magical thinking: how I don't understand you. 

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My feelings said better than I ever could. . .
The Guardian asked me to write something about Steve Jobs. Here's how it starts:

When historians look back at the life of Steve Jobs, they will chronicle a man of contradiction and genius. But for the legions of Apple fans, it's personal.

Steve Jobs led a company that became one of the world's most valuable enterprises, and easily the most beloved by its customers, with a series of innovative and always elegant products that brought value and pleasure to people's lives. This is why you are seeing an outpouring of genuine sentiment at his passing.

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Flooding this morning in Swampscott, MA. Pretty serious rain last night, a lot of people were pumping out basements today.

The Dunkin' Donuts food the folks sitting next to me are eating smells EXACTLY like the wet cat food we buy. I don't think I will be able to eat DD food again. 

Why am I not surprised the comcast guy was a total dick at the mexican restaurant I just went to?

The smugmug robots.txt is amusing:

I'm thinking of learning a functional programming language - suggestions? I'm looking at Haskell, Erlang, or Scala.
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