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Deprecated Google+ account. See
Deprecated Google+ account. See

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Hey all, I've moved my Google+ account to +Dave Reid since I'm tired of waiting for the Gmail to GApps account migration tool.

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I've donated my face to #Movember and men’s health. Please donate and help me get #CertifiedToMustache!

I'm a little behind all the other Drupalers but I know I've got some awesome friends out there somewhere!

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Seeing Paul Simon for Jenny's birthday!

So now I can log into Google+ with my Google Apps domain, but now I have two separate accounts (GMail vs Google Apps). Where the hell do I go to merge these?

So far Aksarben Cinema is doing a fantastic job with organizing the finale event. We'll see how well it holds up when everyone is here at midnight!

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Officiallly #3 in line for Harry Potter! Have waited for so long for this! Also funny to think this movie series is older than +Jenny Reid and I's relationship.

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Cats don't care when is down...

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Wow, interesting to note that Google+ uses OpenGraph meta tags when parsing data about links that are shared! Doesn't seem to respect og:image though and rather searches the page's HTML for image tags and returns them as available thumbnail images.

Would be great if I could have G+ Circle "intersections" so I could intersect my Drupal and Nebraska circles rather than having to maintain a "Drupal Nebraska" circle.

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Seeing Drums Across Nebraska tonight! Can't believe it's been almost two years since seeing my last DCI show. For anyone who doesn't know what DCI or Drum Corps is, in simple terms:

1. It's like the "Olympics" of Marching Band
2. There are only brass, percussion, and color guard members (no wind instruments).
3. You have to be between 13-22 years of age.
4. There's several different drum corps or 'teams' with a maximum of 150 performers.
5. We each spend the entire summer rehearsing and performing the same 8-12 minute show which involves complicated movements, formations, and music.
6. After every show we travel by bus to the new show location. Most times we stay and rehearse at high schools and sleep on gym floors or in the buses. And we pay to do it!

I was a member of the Madison Scouts (World class) in 2003 and 2005. Best summers of my life, but not many people know about it, so I like to share and encourage people to go see a show when it comes by your city.

Videos from our 2003 season:
Madison Scouts Entire "Gold"(1st)mvment
Madison Scouts Complete "Red" and "Finale" mvments

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