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Dad, Psychiatrist, Pain Doc
Dad, Psychiatrist, Pain Doc

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Off to sunnier climes for the week. Adiós, friends. 

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Rick Santorum is right! The world is crumbling beneath our feet!

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This is what a serious public health effort and good screening can do. Public health professionals just don't get enough credit. 

True Love
Wife to son: "I love you more than any other Sammy in the world."
Sammy: "I love you more than a mountain goat."

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I gots lulz.

Humm. Just noticed that the "circles" button on the left has disappeared. How does one edit and re-order circles now?

Did you ever imagine what the expression "asshat" would look like in real life?

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Reshared from my stream. Man, I really hate this no cross-posting to communities thing. G+ needs to fix that.
This is bad law. It's going to create a scare among the people who are already skittish about treatment but are often highest risk, namely older white men. It erodes confidentiality. The mandate is vague, and there's just enough room for mental health professionals to get worried about liability, which has a remarkable way of lowering the IQ of even very smart people. We would have been a lot better off with public health interventions, education, and perhaps outpatient commitment systems to supplement inpatient commitment. 
(I know +Cara Schulz also posted on this last night, but I was late to that party).
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