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E-M Air Systems
Making you comfortable is what we do best!
Making you comfortable is what we do best!

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#Tips on #Beating the #Heat this #Summer:
·        Switch off light bulbs and electronic devices when not in use
·        Don’t wipe off the sweat from your skin – allow it to evaporate from your skin
·        Spend some time outside to help your body get used to the weather conditions

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Cleaning the #filters and #compressors can help you increase the efficiency of your air conditioners. You should also #clean the pipes that connect the main #airconditioner to the compressor.

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E-M Air Systems offers a wide range of high quality products in the #GTA. Click on the link below to take a look at some of our best offerings.

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Clogged #airfilters can cause your #airconditioning to work harder, spiking up your #energybills. Clean or replace your filters to save money on your energy bills.

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Your dwelling plays an important role in the selection of the right type of #thermostat. If you are planning to stay in your current dwelling for more than a year, a #programmable_thermostat is best suited to you. On the other hand, if you are planning to relocate after a few months, you are better off with a #mechanical_thermostat.

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A recent report has found that #portable #airconditioners are not as effective as window or stationary air conditioners. We always advise #home owners in the #GTA to consult a reputed #HVAC contractor to know what kind of #airconditioning unit to install.

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5 #Tips to Keep Your #AirConditioning Unit Running Well
·        Change your indoor #filters every three months or at the beginning of each #heating and cooling season.
·        Clean your central air unit periodically to keep it free of debris.
·        Keep the vents open to maintain a good airflow in your #home.
·        Wipe or vacuum vents and #duct grills to keep them clean.
·        Keep the condensate drain open at all times.

How to #save on #airconditioning #bill in the #summer?
·        Install a programmable #thermostat
·        Install air conditioners in the warmest #rooms
·        Use caulk to seal leaks and cracks

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How to know the right size and capacity of a #home_air_conditioner?

To know the right size and capacity of home #airconditioner, you need to measure the square footage of your room. For a square or rectangular room, you can measure the square footage by multiplying the length by width; for triangular #rooms, multiply the length by width and divide by 2.

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Our Carrier Comfort™ 13 Air Conditioner comes with an energy rating of 13 SEER / 11 EER. It is also one of the most noise-free air conditioners in the market at 74 dBA with accessory sound blanket.
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