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Edmundas Barskietis

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First of all, this is great tutorial. It's really great for beginners. I noticed that UE4 is not very stable on Mac OS, as I'm trying to follow this tutorial for a second time. First I almost finished 2 part of tutorial, and then today UE stop responding when I was following 3 part of tutorial, where it was explained about the collision to rock.
All was going great until my UE4 froze on my MPB. Now the issue that I have is I'm trying to make a new level and then do a simulation as it shown in this video 3:35, but I'm getting empty space. So my question, in case of restart of project, is there any way to restore the game and continue to follow up with tutorial, without overwriting everything from beginning. We are creating new level, but we are not saving it right? What solution would be in this scenario? 

Edmundas Barskietis

commented on a video on YouTube.
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worked for me, thanks!
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Puiki vieta papietauti
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Puikus maistas
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Small and very nice airport with friendly staff. Cheap flights like Ryanair flies to UK, Norway, Spain for very good price. Free internet is provided by Balticum.
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Quality: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Everything is just great, although to much dogs in the area by the pool. Personnel extremely friendly and food is delicious.
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