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Quirky Nature
#QuirkyNature: Weekend oddities of nature.
#QuirkyNature: Weekend oddities of nature.


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"*Giant Otters in Brazil.* Taken whilst leading a recent tour with ORYX Worldwide Photographic Expeditions. Oh, did I mention, I love otters, especially huge ones that are as big as I am."

Image Copyright Dale Morris, ORYX photo tour leader during a Brazil Photographic Expedition.
For more information on this tour, please click here:

#10000photographersaro : +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS curated by +Robert SKREINER
#dailydepthoffield : +Daily Depth Of Field curated by +Virgil Cowen +Vince Ong +f.a. fiebig +Nuraini Ghaifullah
#quirkynature : +Quirky Nature curated by +Carissa Braun

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Hell's Bells -- Bingham, Illinois
This is a top-down shot of a Jimson Weed ( Datura stramonium ) seed pod. Datura has long been used in traditional home remedies to relieve asthma symptoms and to ease pain during surgery or bone-setting. It is also a powerful hallucinogen and deliriant, and has been used spiritually for the intense visions it produces. However, the tropane alkaloids responsible for both the medicinal and hallucinogenic properties are fatally toxic in only slightly higher amounts than the medicinal dosage, and careless use often results in hospitalizations and deaths. Other names for the plant include hell's bells, devil’s trumpet, devil’s weed, stinkweed, locoweed, and devil’s cucumber.

For #MacroMonday  curated by +Sandra Parlow and +Jeff Moreau, and #hqspmacro +HQSP Macro curated by +Terrie Gray +Stefanie Schächtel +Igor Schevchenko +Ernest Fdez. +Thies Groden, and #Macro4All  by +Bill Urwin, +Thomas Kirchen,   +Walter Soestbergen (+Macro4All ), and #macromaniacs for +MacroManiacs and +Sandra Deichmann, and #macroaddict (+MacroAddict) curated by +Sandrine Berjonneau  and +Albert Vuvu Konde +Jean-Pierre Malézieux and  and +Ruth Hochholdinger and +William Banik, and #Seedurday  / +Seedurday curated by +Kathryn Brown, and +Quirky Nature / #QuirkyNature  curated by +Carissa Braun, and the +Breakfast Club / #BreakfastClub  curated by +Gemma Costa...

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"Playful Kitties"
Juvenile Cheetahs
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Kalahari desert, South Africa

Here's a special submission for Caturday for all my friends with serious Kalahari withdrawal symptoms...this includes +Grobler du Preez, +Dick Whitlock, +Jim Robertson, +Jim Dehnert, +Anette Mossbacher, +Wayne Marinovich, +Marlon du Toit, +Rudi van den Heever  and a whole lot more.

This was taken in the middle of the rainy season earlier this year, in a VERY green Kalahari! A cheetah mother and her 3 cubs were sauntering up the Auob river towards the Batulama waterhole, when the youngsters broke into a minute or 3 of playful interaction. They were super-quick and it was over in a jiffy, but I did get some interesting shots despite my stupidity of attaching a teleconverter right before they started running towards the SUV and eventually came too close.

I am off to do a talk on Wildlife Photography with +Nikon South Africa in my hometown, I hope you all have a good weekend! Remember that I posted my top 10 tips for improving your Wildlife Photography on DPS (The Digital Photography School) here:

Shot with: Nikon D3s, Nikkor 500mm f4 VR-II, 1.4x teleconverter

Submission for:
1. #caturday  (+CATURDAY!) by +Lee Daniels (I hope this perks you up some!) and +Christophe Friedli (currently curated by +Cicely Robin Laing +Jules Falk Hunter & +Shantha Marie Fountain)
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6. #speedysaturday  (+Speedy Saturday) by +Patricia dos Santos Paton
7. #nikonshooters  (+Nikon Shooters) by +Bob Harbison 

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A Question For All

I know I have not been on top of it lately with re-sharing photos (and sometimes being a punctual curator). While I'd fallen off the radar during the holidays, I've been thinking of a suggestion I was given earlier. Especially the contributors, here's my question to you:

What do you think of using the community feature?

Should it be added? I don't want anyone's photos to be missed. As busy as this year is already shaping up to be, I wonder if this might help. I'd still want to re-share contributions, but do let me know your thoughts!

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Keepin' Cool In the Kalahari!

Ground Squirrels @ Nossob Camp, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa

These are the first animals to "greet" you when you pull into your camping can be 35+C during the day so they cover themselves up with sand in the shade to keep cool!

#QuirkyNature +Quirky Nature curated by +Carissa Braun
#SquirrelSaturday +Squirrel Saturday curated by +Beth Blackwell and +Skippy Sheeskin
#hqspanimals +HQSP Animals curated by +Joe Urbz , +Marina Versaci , +Nicole Best
#10000photographersaroundtheworld +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World curated by +Robert SKREINER

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Snowflake-a-Day #22

Wow, that was quite the storm last night. I spent a few hours out in the frigid and windy weather, finding the idea of snowflake photography quite frustrating. We had wind speeds gusting up to 75km/h, which is less than ideal. With wind blowing that fast, the snowflakes did not stay still; Even when caught in the fibers of my mitten, they would vibrate back and forth, changing their angle slightly and making focus stacking a grueling nightmare.

On this snowflake you can see tiny bits and pieces of other crystals, and view large to see the full details and colours. 26 images were focus stacked with much difficulty, but the results are always worth it. :)

The snowflakes were small and most often shattered or otherwise broken by the time I could find them. Persistence pays off, and I did manage to grab more than a few good shots. The world may not have ended, but for a while yesterday it certainly felt imminent! :)

#SnowySaturday by +John Fujimagari, and #QuirkyNature by +Carissa Braun!

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