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23/52 & 24/52 & 25/52 & 26/52.
Since my last post we've had end-of-school parties and picnics, a spat of pneumonia (Cecile), ballet recitals (also Cecile), a quick trip south with my in-laws, and a neighborhood block party here and there. I keep thinking, oh, it'll be the next week when ...

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19/52 & 20/52 & 21/52 & 22/52.
Another four weeks gone by. Jon and I were in and out of town during the month of May, and a bit into June too. We had what I think were the last of our friends' weddings, phew. It always amazes me how I'm able to compartmentalize my "motherness" when I'm a...

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15/52 & 16/52 & 17/52 & 18/52.
Time cascading! I am always so disappointed in myself when I don't keep this log current. Late last week I finally set aside time to cull through photos since my last post and I can  see  such clear physical changes in the girls. Describing exactly how they...

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13/52 & 14/52.
Despite Genevieve having strep throat and Cecile picking up some 24-hour fever, the girls and I have found a little bit of harmony lately. Okay, harmony not so much like Handel's "Messiah." It's more akin to hearing Row Row Row Your Boat in a round, a littl...

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11/52 & 12/52.
The trouble with the month of March is that you can't count on the weather to be consistent. Our front-hall closet is brimming with every scrap of outerwear we own: puffers for thirties (or colder, ugh), parkas for forties, slickers for rain, fleeces for la...

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7/52 & 8/52 & 9/52 & 10/52.
This little forum of mine has gotten away from me lately. February was warm and March has been cold. During a warm stretch I got over-excited and planted some perennials, only to find them piled with snow and ice a week later. I cut many of our daffodils be...

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5/52 & 6/52.
This time of year when the late-winter skies are so often blanketed in grey, I have a physical ache for color and light and sun. Optimism comes more as a choice, it seems, than a natural state of being. I find myself ignoring what really needs to get done a...

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3/52 & 4/52
There are only a handful of hours every week that all four members of our family are together. So if I'm going to take time away, it's going to be spent meaningfully. Last Saturday I marched in the Women's March on Washington. I left to go out and vent poli...

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1/52 & 2/52.
A change of scenery always helps bring things into focus for me, and for the fifth year running we rang in the New Year in sunny Florida. And even though there isn't necessarily any rest found on a family vacation (lo, the tensions between an adult desire t...

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I took down the Christmas tree last night. It's needles are (mostly) cleared off our floors and the rest of our decorations, in boxes. As much as I enjoy decking the halls, by the end of December I'm always ready for the holidays to be over, to strip everyt...
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