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Tina Martinez
Dye Mistress of Bittersweet Woolery, yarnie and dedicated hedonist.
Dye Mistress of Bittersweet Woolery, yarnie and dedicated hedonist.

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So... looking to sell. I thinks it's time for my DSLR to find a new home with someone looking to get into "real" photography. It's a Pentax K2000, and has the kit lens (55mm) as well as the telephoto lens for landscape and long shots (200mm zoom). The lenses alone are worth around $250-300 new, and the body with one kit lens is selling 'new and used' on Amazon right now for around $375-$400. 

I would sell mine, with BOTH lenses and a camera bag that fits the body and both lenses, and an external flash (top mount), for $400. Shipping would be actual price, plus shipping insurance. Looking around different places it seems that this is a reasonable deal for the entire package, but if you can find the entire kit as you see here for less in similar condition, please let me know and I'll adjust my package price. 

The camera has point and shoot auto settings, auto focus, image stabilization, takes old Pentax lenses as well as new ones, full manual controls and manual focus ring. It takes NORMAL AA batteries versus a proprietary charging situation. This would be a great starter DSLR for a young person, or anyone looking to get into photography at a reasonable price. The extra lens is a real joy, and makes all the difference (IMHO).

I've not used the camera very much over the years and never fell in love with the larger camera/lens format, though I have LOVED the scenery pictures I've taken with the zoom lens. It's all in very good condition. Not shown is the camera bag, but it's a basic shoulder strap, top zip model with extra pockets for storage. 

Please feel free to share with friends, I'm making this post public. 
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Heads up, crafty people! I just got this in an email from the committee that handles competition at the New York Sheep & Wool Show: 

As of 2013 there are NO late entries of skeins, handmade items or
fleece to shawl teams at the festival. 
All entries need to be registered by mail and postmarked by October 4, 2013.
Hope you are all working on your entries. 
We are looking forward to seeing them in October.
Bruce & Zelma Barrett, Co-Chairs, Competitions and Demonstrations Venue"

Feel free to share this post! I know that I always dropped mine off in person on Friday when I set up my booth, but now I'll have to mail it in like I'm not a local. FYI!

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Can you revere women if you don't actually respect them? Powerful imagery to make a point. 
Abused Goddesses
With crime against women rampant in India . here is the work of one artist to try and raise awareness. Love the concept and the execution and of course the message. +pranav bhide well done! 

#awesomeart   #artwithamessage   #abusedgoddesses  

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Tina Martinez hung out with 6 people.Mark Scmidt, abdulmalek saleh, Jetmir Ajrullahu, nourelhak mhamdi, rashad rawashdeh, and Alisson Silva

What a night. I ran out of gas on the bridge. I'm pretty sure the car behind me was someone who used to be a friend and slowly rolled by/ saw me in my husbands distinctive car, but didn't stop. I can only hope they weren't sure who it was. Thankfully a bridge authority lady pulled up a minute later and sold me a gallon of gas for my last $4 in cash.

It all worked out for the best, I suppose. And now, I am home with a drink.

Today is a good day to dye! (and clean, lots of cleaning first) The goal is to be ready for the first show of the season at the end of April without killing ourselves. Since I'm the only one who can make that happen, it's up to me to get cracking.

I'm spending my evening with Antiques Roadshow and getting a bunch of digital business stuff done. I'm not sure what's more fun, spec'ing out what yarn bases I need or my credit card terminal solutions. It's a happy making thing. Planning, planning.

As of an hour ago the BBF (bagged/banished/forgotten) Spin Down is done! I have released all my bobbins from unfinished spinning projects and ended up with four new skeins of handspun to show for it. Huzzah!

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These are AWESOME concept photos! love the whole set, especially the twilight, diaper change, and pumpkin ones. The photographer did a nice job with the HDR and photoshopping to tell the story.
Dave Engledow (19 photos)
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If you find yourself with time sometime this weekend, I would like to humbly suggest a short story for you to listen to from the always amazing Podcastle fantasy website. Little Gods is my favorite short story, and I was instantly taken by both the premise and the profoundly deft handling of the tale. The story comforts me, but it made my husband very, very sad and he didn't want to ever hear it again. To listen, click on the small play button at the end of the episode post.

It all starts with a wife who tells her husband that she'd like to be a little goddess, perhaps the Goddess of Cinnamon. Not a big god, not for something big like love or whales, but just a small god.
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