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Eric Ledermann

I'm struggling with effective use of social media.  A lot of my congregation is in FB, and we're ok with that (not great).  I'm trying to get them to start using Yelp and reviewing our church (a lot of ASU students seem to use Yelp).  So far a no go.  We have our FB, Twitter and Yelp logos on our bulletin to try to encourage folks.  Ideas?  I thought of writing a newsletter article about social media in January (but that assumes people online actually read the church

Hey everyone.  I'm the pastor at University Presbyterian Church in Tempe, AZ, about 1 mile south of Arizona State University.  I am pretty much in charge of and manage the social media for our church, but I'm interested in trying to break in more with what students (high school and college) might be using.  A lot use Facebook and Twitter, but it seems most just text each other.
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