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I was run off the road by a truck that did not stop. Can I recover compensation for the auto accident?

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You’re driving along, minding your own business, when out of nowhere the truck to your left crosses into your lane and nearly clips the front end of your car. To avoid hitting him, you swerve onto the shoulder and hit the railing. You come to a stop, cursing the other driver and breathing hard, but [...]
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What would cars be like without Arizona Trial Lawyers?

You’'re probably like many of the millions of Americans that use their vehicle daily for many different things. Whether it being used to go to work, or take your children to an after school activity, or to get daily tasks done, business and fun, and you rely heavily on your vehicle.

When you first purchased your vehicle, other than type, color, gas mileage, etc…, one of the top concerns for you was “is this vehicle safe”? You might not know it, and most don’t realize it, but Trial Lawyers play a very large role in keeping the vehicles that are on today’s roads safer then they have ever been before.

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In recognition of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, here are 10 facts you may not know about texting while driving. #BurnettiPA  
There is no safe way to text while driving. Because if you're texting, you're not driving.
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Zachar Law Firm

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Road Debris and Liability: What happens if it causes you injury?

Car accidents are a very real concern for everyone in today’s fast pace society.  Everyone will probably encounter at least one, probably more, in their lifetime. 

However, when you think of being in an accident, do you honestly ever think that it will be caused by road debris? 

That indeed is the fact for about 25,000 people, and approximately 90 deaths, every year.  This is according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. -
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Download our Free Personal Injury Victims E-Book

The Consumer’s Guide For Injured Victims

Practical advice you can use right now to recover the money you deserve without problem, hassle or delay.

Zachar Law Firm has researched for years on how to provide the best guide to provide for the consumer when it comes to injured victims.

With years of experience as a trial lawyer, Mr. Zachar has been able to compile a guide that not only will help you if you are an injured victim, but it will also give you the answers to many of the questions that are out there today.

The 15 page guide provides you with the following.

- Secrets to getting a fair settlement for your injuries

- Common misconceptions about injury cases

- When you need a Lawyer and when you don’t

- Tough questions to ask before you a hire a lawyer

- See more at:
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Done thank you
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Christopher Hoffmann's profile photo
Christopher Hoffmann
reviewed 2 months ago
Outstanding personal injury lawyer. Highly regarding by other attorneys for their work on accident, injury and death cases. Besides the practice of law, Chris is a safety advocate, publishing articles and videos for public awareness. If he is not fighting for those injured, he is fighting to prevent accidents that hurt or cause fatal injuries. Great Person! Great Lawyer!
Michael Shepston
reviewed 3 months ago
Chris has a keen sense of what cases to pursue and which cases not to pursue and will seek input from experts in various fields, such as, Biomechancis, Collision Reconstruction, Highway Design and Human Factors, before a decision is made to move forward with a case. By doing this, he can thoroughly inform potential clients the reasons for accepting, or declining cases, which saves time for all involved. And, in cases he does pursue, he and his staff are excellent in obtaining the necessary information and materials for a thorough work-up, from start-to-finish and has been successful in obtaining court verdicts in his client’s favor, in cases that other firms have declined.
• • •
Betsy Norris's profile photo
Betsy Norris
reviewed 6 months ago
I contacted them looking for an attorney for a smaller injury from an accident. The secretary kept me on the phone for 40 minutes getting all sorts of minor details of the accident, names of everyone involved, insurance companies, etc. Then she said she'd write it up and they'd get back to me. In the end they weren't interested in the case, I found out days later by form letter, and if an actual lawyer would have taken five minutes to speak to me, they would have known that. A huge waste of time, which is disrespectful to potential clients. How they got the #1 google spot for "personal injury lawyer phoenix" I'm not really sure.
• • •
Rhonda Simek
reviewed 3 months ago
Chris helped my family and I out with a case involving my father. Chris was compassionate,dependable, helpful, trustworthy and very prepared for our case. No matter how difficult it was, he made it as easy as possible for us. When the case was settled and we had won Chris felt like a friend and not just an attorney, I would highly recommend Chris and would use use him again if ever needed.
Glenda Barlow
reviewed 3 months ago
Ours was a complicated case involving the death of my father. He recieved a head injury due to a fall while in the care of a facility. Chris was so kind to my sister and mother and I . He led us throught this process and made it as easy as he could on our mother. The case got very complicated and ended in a 5 hour Arbitration. He informed us of every detail along the way and was there with us throughout the ordeal. My sister and I both commented that he would e-mail us at all times of the night with questions and we often wondered when he slept. In the end he tried to prepare us for all prospective out comes, and was as delighted as we were when the Arbitration ended in our favor. We could not be happier with our experience with Chris.
• • •
Barbara Hancock
reviewed 8 months ago
My Cristina died in an auto accident November 22, 2012. She was a senior in high school, was due National Honor Roll, placed 1st in regionals, 3rd in state, and the top 1/3 in the nation in FBLA accounting. She was scheduled to graduate this last summer, 2013 one of the top 5 in her class. Thanksgiving Day, she and her best friend were driving down Tomahawk. Her best friend, who was driving, missed a stop sign and Cristina took full impact when the car they were in was broad sided. I hired the Zachar Law Firm after our insurance company began to target us as unfit parents. We had allowed her to spend Thanksgiving Day in Apache Junction. Why did we allow her to go to AJ on Thanksgiving Day? Why was her dad working out of state? As the insurance company spiraled out of control, I spiraled down hill, emotionally. I couldn`t deal with Cristina`s death, the insurance companies, mortuary, 5 other children, and my own emotions. With that being said I hit the net. Zachar Law Firm was not the most popular., nor the biggest. But they were the only one I could find with the best reviews. I picked up the phone and called their office, and was automatically drawn to retain them. Chris Zachar is the best! Even with all our strange requests, he took interest in my little girl and how we as a family, were being treated. He went beyond just being a lawyer. He was my rock, when I felt like sand. He was my bodyguard from the insurance companies, and my friend when I no one else was there. Zachar Law Firm not only resolved my case in the best possible way, but was there for me when I needed. We live 4 hours from any major town, most was done via internet or phone. Our settlement was more than expected, and his fees were more than reasonable. I can never repay him for everything he has done for my family. Christopher Zachar is THE example that every attorney should follow. He sets the bar for the others to meet. I wish my Cristina could`ve met him. He exceeds expectations, listens, and most importantly CARES!!!!! He truly cares about his clients. We were not just another person walking through a revolving legal door. He has been my friend, counselor, and shoulder to cry on. I have not regretted ever hiring him, in fact, I would use him again, if the Lord tests me again! I can not thank Zachar Law Firm enough! And to Chris, I say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you have done. Without you, I would`ve never made it through this. Although it hasn`t been year, You took all of the burdens off my shoulders and allowed me time to grieve. Your office is THE example for any business...... lawyer or otherwise.
• • •