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If you're reading my latest +Business Insider post via Google+, then you likely already know G+ is a major contender. Here's why it's an important piece of the social media puzzle your business. . .
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ASTOUNDING "Eye Opener" to why NOW is the time to start utilizing this platform. I cannot thank you enough for helping to reinforce what was impressed upon me not too long ago when attending my 1st "Hangout" hosted by +Tim Moore .
I will say that in my opinion I believe that "Hangout's" are the best idea (over circles) to come from this medium, as when people see the potential to be had with them and start to really make innovative use of them Google+ will for sure hit the number of users mentioned in your article with no problem. I also believe that is "Hangouts" will help to increase the average usage time exponentially as it is very addictive.
I like it Amy. It's not as cluttered and I like the hangout feature big time.
I just started a "page" on G+ so I"m looking forward to your thoughts and advice on how to maximize G+ pages...
I went off G+ but recognised Google's determination to make it succeeed at any price. Have had to go back as seeing very positive impact in SERPs results. Think there is obviously plenty more to shoot for now as well...let's see
Great article, I have to agree with Ron, when you take a look at the impact G+ pages have on search results, it is hard to ignore it whether we like it or not.
+Ryan Deiss posted something interesting on his blog yesterday....which makes for good reading...
If you use Gmail, Google+, and Google search, how often do you actually leave the Google ecosystem? Do you think G+ will really have 400M users by 2013? Check out the DM blog to see why it's more possible than you think!
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