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A3 Newest Private Action Camera With 2.0 inch Touch Screen and FULL HD Resolution With Competitive Price Cost, Welcome Brand Client or Super Market Client contact us for business,
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Supremevalue Recommend new FULL HD Camera, the battery support 8 hours recording, the camera cable can reach 20Meters, it also has the LED lamps,widely been used in construction video recording system. for more details, please contact us via info(at)
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As people's living standards improving, there are more and more people who are thinking about their quality of life; we are always busy with works or others; we really want to feel relax sometimes, there is a group of people looking for their yearning place, take bag to travel !

I believe that everyone has the share feelings with others, and share wonderful moments with family or friends; I also believe that everyone has feelings of memories, we always think back a beautiful moment! Whenever we saw the beautiful scenery, we always wanted to record this wonderful moment; “Life is full of miracles”, the traditional DV have been unable to meet the requirements of bungee jumping, diving ,skiing, sailing, extreme sports motorcycle, bicycle and mountain bike riding and some other outdoor sports use, due to the bulky size, inconvenient to carry, not light in weight etc. everlasting truth is that "there is a demand market," More and more people are caring about this market! More and more people are caring about outdoor sports camera!

Sports camera has waterproof, dust-proof, anti-cold, anti-drop unique advantages, especially waterproof performance, you can dive into 10 meters water without any additional waterproof accessories, as mean while it can achieve 30 meters waterproof with the waterproof case. In the video recording function with interval recording, high high definition video, high speed slow motion and other shooting modes. 

Let’s us think about complex market competition, as the retail industry giant Wal-Mart also began to focus on these products after their multi-parties research. 
They use these products to enrich their product lines and to attract outdoor sports enthusiasts. They also believe that these products increase the value and product viscosity for users. We still want to hesitate? We still want to wait? 

Supremevalue has 8 years experience in video equipment field, we designed for super makets’ guest like model SV-WST99, SJ4000I and SV-AT80 action cameras, we will serve the best quality, competitive prices to the majority of supermarket customers worldwide, wholeheartedly welcome guests to inquire and negotiate!
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SV-MD022 Worldwide First FULL HD Car DVR With ION Air Purifiers
Roadspirt Multi-function car recorder with a built-in FULL HD camera are excellent for Driving Accidents, Parking Accidents, Insurance Fraud, Showing Off Your Driving Skills,  Documenting Your Road Trip and Capturing the Unexpected, or just plain goofing around. Not only do the car dvr act as normal recorder, but they also double as Auto ION air purifiers, As we live the air in our environment become positively charged. This results in dust particles, viruses and bacteria being held in suspension and then breathed in. Ourwearable and car air purifiers all use ionisation, producing large numbers of negative ions that neutralise the air we breathe. These units provide clean air while you are on the go, ideal for travelling, shopping, meetings or going to church.

Car DVR With ION Air Purifiers Advantages:
1.Worldwide first car dvr with Ion Air Purifier 2 in one device
1.G-sensor Car Video Recorder with Patent design unique shape
2.Full HD High Defination Resolution: 1920*1080(1080P)
3.PC cam,motion detect,Cycle Recording ect.functions
4.G-sensor lock the important files
5.Super-Wide 150°wide viewing angle
6.It has been approved by CE/ROHS/FCC

Car DVR With ION Air Purifiers Technical Data:
Car DVR Specifications
> Image Sensor:5.0M HD Cmos
> Video Resolution:1080FHD、720P、WVGA、VGA
> Pixel of Picture:12M、10M、8M、5M、3M、2MHD、VGA、1.3M
> Screen Size:2.7" TFT 
> View Angle:uper Wide 150°
> Capacity of Memory card:4GB--32GB(Micro SD Card Class4 Above)
> Video Format:MOV
> Time for File fragment:3,5,10 minutes or off
> Seamless Recording:Support
> G-Sensor:Support
> Muti-Languages:Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
> Cycle Recording:Support
> Screen Saver:Support 
> Auto Turn Off:Support
> Emergency Recording:Support
> PC Webcam:Support
> Motion Detect:Support
> Audio or Without Audio:Support
> Power Consumption:500mAh/3.7V(maximum) for DVR only,600mAh/3.7V(DVR+ Air Purifier)
> Storage Temperature:-10℃~70℃
> Operating Temperature:-10℃~60℃
> Operation System:PC
> Charging Time:1 Hour
> Product Weight:Around 350g  
> Product Size:140mm*110mm*70mm

Car Air Purifier Specifications
> Anion Density:≥8×10 6pcs/cm³(100m testing)     
> Air Flow:3.07CFM
> Noise Level:24.03dB(A)
> Fans Speed:3200RPM+10%
> Ozone Density:<0.05PPM
> Operating Humidity:35%~85%
> Operating Temperature:-10℃~+60℃
> Input Voltage:DC─5.5KV±1KV
> Input Current:≤80mA
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Roadspirt Multi-function sunglasses with a built-in FULL HD camera are excellent for sports coaches, travelling, hunting, filmmaking, law enforcement, or just plain goofing around. Not only do the glasses act as normal sunglasses, 7 color glasses(Polaroid`s PC) protecting the user's eyes from damaging sunlight, but they also double as a camera and wifi transmission, designed to capture images and action from the user's point of view, and share wonderful moments with your friends via wifi, There are many different designs of this product on the market, roadspirit SV-AT20 has more advantages, multi-function sunglasses with a built-in FULL HD camera demonstrate the features and benefits of the best products available. After reviewing more details, consumers can confidently purchase our device the most appropriate pair of glasses to suit their needs at retail stores or online sites like eBay.

How to Buy Roadspirit Multi-function Sunglasses with a Built-in FULL HD camera and wifi online, To find our top 1 multi-function sunglasses with a built-in FULL HD camera oneBay, you can begin by entering keywords into the Search box found on any eBay page. You can enter a brand name “Roadspirit” or a description of the sunglasses you are looking for, such as " AT20 wifi sunglasses camera" This brings a list of matching products. 

Whether the photographer is a sports coach, a parent with a young child who wants to capture family moments, and share wonderful monents with friends via mobile phone, an avid fisherman who needs both hands free at all times, or a law enforcement officer who uses the camera for documentation, Roadspirit multi-function sunglasses with a built-in FULL HD camera are an extremely useful product. you can enjoy the hands-free recording and practicality of roadspirit AT20 multi-function sunglasses with a built-in FULL HD camera.
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On many occasions in the past, Police and Security Officers have been ordered to answer allegations of brutality, wrongful arrest, strong arm tactics, verbal abuse and so on. Public disturbance, drunken behaviour and generally "out of control" drug users have taken Police and Security personnel to task by making allegations of not being at fault. Those allegations in some cases have lead to suspensions and/or reprimand, even court hearings for no apparent reason.  Its now reached the point unfortunately where body worn cameras such as this are a necessity as evidence. 

Police Cam Recorder is a high resolution and all battery operated 100% portable High Resolution H.264 hardware compression video and audio mini Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with including a High resolution colour camera. Ideal body worn camera and recorder which is one touch recording device suitable for Police, Security Guards, Council Workers, Military, Security personnel, Night Club Bouncers, Sports commentators & participants, great for war games such as Paint Ball and sports people in general. Police Cam DVR is available with the Ear Hook camera as pictured or the optional Cap Clip on type. 

The DVR is small enough to fit into an upper shirt pocket or bag so it could also be used for covert applications such as a Bag Cam set-up in situations where evidence to be gathered is more of an undercover operation as such. Please note we all supply covert Bag Cams but in this instance the user would need make something to suit the camera.  As the camera itself is the size of a lipstick with a tiny pinhole lens, it wouldn't take much to conceal the camera and recorder in something like a bag or similar.
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If you're looking for an onboard video recording camera system for racing or rallying or motorcycle then look no further than the AT30 onboard dash camera edition of our Ready Package. Our cameras have been fitted to many brands racing cars both past and present and are in use across all forms of motorsport.
What can this AT30 device do ?
With the 'AT30 onboard dash camera you can have:
- high quality onboard video FULL HD1080P.
- general car audio from the '3D effects mic' ie engine note
-GPS Route to show
-The camera and recorder are seperately, waterproof for the camera part.
How does AT30 work?
With the AT30 ONBOARD Car Dash CAMERA kit Simply mount the camera in the desired position on the racing car and connect it to the DVR. You are ready to start recording! There are 2 settings for recording:
1. Remote start-Start and stop recording using the supplied remote control.
2. Race/Rally mode
  -Have the system start up and record automatically as you turn on your ignition using PowerStart. 
How to Power For AT30 onboad dash camera?
The device is supplied with its own battery power for 3 hours recording but you can power it all from your vehicle if preffered. This avoids the need for extra battery packs and also the hassle of charging. It also means you can film and record indefinitely! If you want this functionality then simply select a Car Power Kit along with your chosen package when ordering. It will power everything and includes: 12v pickup, splitter cable, DVR-5v adapter.
Full HD AT30 Onboard Car Dash Video camera system. The package comes with Full HD bullet camera and microphone along with our latest Full HD digital video recorder for 1080p HD quality recordings.

The Camera and Recorder are wired cable, the distance can be different(be sure to check your required diameter before ordering!). 2.4G wireless remote control for operating the system is provided along with the camera .Car Power Adapter for continuous charging and recording from 12v car supply.
There are numerous other installation options such as using the wide angle camera to film rearwards behind the car or putting it down in the footwell to capture pedal movement. All of the extra components in AT30 dash camera can be purchased separately. If you already have the standard kit or are thinking of buying it you can always add a switch and more cameras at a later time to give further functionality
Why a AT30 Onboard Dash camera need?
This kits offer superb quality and fuctionality. Not only can you analyse each race or rally performance with superb FULLHD1080P video quality you can also use the onboard camera footage to entice new sponsors and on your website too should you have one. The GPS route also show the details while you are driving, You can even show it off to your mates when you burn it onto DVD or upload it to YouTube! 
Supremevalue not only offer the onboard racing video camera single channle, and two channels is availlable also !
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Here's Why So Many Crazy Russian Car Crashes Are Caught On Camera

Videos of car accidents filmed from dashboard cameras have become such a popular genre on YouTube, it seems every driver must be filming his every move.
Why is that?
In a post on Animal, Russian ex-pat and journalist Marina Galperina offers a few reasons, which boil down to dangerous driving conditions and the unreliability of Russian traffic police.
Driving in Russia is hazardous: Last year, 200,000 traffic accidents killed 28,000 people. (More than 32,000 died in car accidents in the United States in 2011, a much lower figure per capita.)
Addressing those high levels in 2009, President Dmitry Medvedev blamed the "undisciplined, criminally careless behavior of our drivers," along with poor road conditions.
Drivers certainly play a role, but Medvedev did not mention Russia's traffic police, which, Galperina writes, "is known throughout their land for brutality, corruption, extortion and making an income on bribes."
That is not hyperbole. Russia ranks 133rd among the world's nations in corruption (where number one is the least corrupt), according to Transparency International. Much of that corruption is on the part of the traffic police, an institution that, along with kindergartens and higher education, was ranked by Russians as the country's most corrupt. In a recent poll, 32 percent of Russians surveyed called traffic police the most corrupt institution.
So going to the police with a legitimate complaint is far from sure to produce a good result.
In addition to authorities they deem untrustworthy, Russian drivers must contend with the possibility of being attacked by another driver. The below video compiles fights between drivers that feature crowbars, slapping, punching, and worse.
Then there are pedestrians who get themselves hit by cars on purpose, for a payoff. A video compilation (below) of failed scams offers a few examples.
Overall, in a country where traffic conditions are horrible, insurance scams and roadside fights are always a possibility, and the police are widely viewed as corrupt, video evidence of one's innocence can be a very valuable thing.
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Ultimate Roadspirit Car Dash Camera Buyers Guide
So you’ve decided to buy a dash camera recently or planning to have one? Like many have found doing the research seems the epic quest as there are 100+ models, scattered reviews, with the majority of discussions in Chinese, Taiwanese or Russian. We’ve written a concise and easy to understand guide on Car dash cameras to help you find a model that best fits your needs.
Recommend Cameras
For value but not reliability, the recommend four cameras below are the best out of the hundred odd cameras on the market.
Model:SV-DRS011, SV-V2000,SV-RS1100,SV-MD09HD
Points: Great day, good night video. 170 degree view angle, tuoch screen, H.264 compression, loop recording, Compact camera with GPS. Tested reliability, acceptable failure rates..
Notes: Many counterfeits to confuse consumers. Not ture HD by software intergration, GPS is not the most accurate and may take some time to lock onto the a satellite also.

Car Dash Camera Basics
What is it?
A Car dash camera (dashboard camera, Car video recorder,blackbox recorder, Car DVR, digital video recorder) is a dedicated vehicle camera. It films every moment of your drive providing video evidence should anything unexpected occur (police ticket, car accident, giant flaming meteor). You can use this footage to help prove your innocence if there are no witnesses (or uncooperative ones!)
A.If you install the car dash camera, if films every moment of your wonderful travelling time, and then you can share with your family or friends.
B. If any accidents happen to provide the evidence to avoid the racketeering.
C. f any accidents happen to provide evidence and then it is easy to identify who’s the responsibility.
D.It is the first news material, do you still remember the news of meteorolite dropping down in Russia, all the video was taken by car dash camera.

Why Purchase a Dedicated Vehicle Camera?
While there is enough information for an entire article, a dash camera is for convenience. While smartphones/camcorders could be used in place of a dash camera; you would frequently be required setup/maintain your camera.
A dashboard camera is hands-free and makes it far more likely you’ll be recording due to a couple important features:
1. Automatically turns on and starts recording when the camera receives power.
2. Looping Video, the camera automatically records over the oldest file when the memory card fills up.
3. Durable – There are models designed to survive intense heat and cold. 
4. Many camcorders/phones stop operating on hot days even when there is air conditioning
5. 170 degree super wide view angle
H.264 compression
24h Parking monitor
Installation & Operation
Car Dash cameras are in use by a million plus Russian, Chinese and Taiwanese drivers and are designed for the average citizen to use and install. Installation consists of taping/suctioning your camera, plugging the adapter into your cigarette socket and inserting the memory card. There is no electrical tinkering, wiring or technical knowledge can view our installation video Clink Here: 
Be sure you aren’t breaking the law by recording audio and/or video when you are out on the road. While the majority of locales allow for the unrestricted use of recording devices in public there may be restrictions depending on your location. This form of legal advice is outside the scope of this article.
If you need a place to start examine Telephone Recording Laws giving guidelines when all parties are required to be informed that a conversation is being recorded (all-party notification) as opposed to one-party notification (just you).
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