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I'd create an "Everyday Sarcasm" Collection here on Plus, but then what would I put in my other collections?

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I keep forgetting that Mission: Impossible was also a Desilu production. It means that it pulls from the same actor pool a Star Trek did.

On my lunch, I watched "The Play." And I recognized three Star Trek actors right away. Then I went to the IMDB page to confirm. And found three more. And I haven't dug all the way through, either.

Well. Two more. One of them actually appeared on TNG, which may have been a coincidence and may have been a quiet hat tip from the producers. You can never tell with the TNG crew.

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I'm about three-quarters of the way through my re-read of The Final Reflection. I had a fear going into it that my appreciation of the book might have dimmed over the years. I am pleased to report that this is not so. If anything, my appreciation has deepened.

One thing about this book has saddened me a bit, and that's that the Klingons aren't quite what Ford put in his book. They're close. There are definite similarities.

It's pretty clear that the TNG writers were inspired in part by this book.

Don't get me wrong - I like where the Klingons wound up being. I just think that Ford's Klingons would have been ever-so-slightly better.

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Several of you had expressed interest in picking up Powerchords once it became available to the public.

It's available now. Here is a convenient (affiliate) link.

Watching DS9 with Steph has been fascinating so far. The fact that it's done and we caught parts of it previously means that little things jump out at us.

So far, two episodes have mentioned the Dominion. "Rules of Engagement" mentions them as the probable trading partner that the Ferengi are looking for and in "Sanctuary," the Skrreea are fleeing the Dominion.

"Sanctuary" also had Steph and I screaming at the screen a couple of times. Because all-too-often, the DS9 crew forgets that they have transporters. There have been a couple of episodes, now, where Steph and I have been shouting, "USE THE DAMN TRANSPORTERS!" at the screen. Most of which could be fixed with one quick line of dialogue - "There's too much interference; I can't get a lock." or "They're already outside of transporter range." And it's possible that that line is somewhere on the cutting room floor. It was a recurring issue in Season One, too.

It's especially frustrating because the transporter in DS9 is right there in Ops. It's not like they have to go to a transporter room to use the transporters (not that they do in TNG, either - we often see people beamed directly to Sickbay from planets or even elsewhere on the ship).

Also: The whole "remove your communicator so you can't be found" thing? Doesn't hold water. There's an episode where Sisko asks the computer where Jake is, and it tells him. Jake is in a cargo bay tutoring Nog, and it's a cute scene. But Jake doesn't have a communicator. Which means that the Computer knows where everyone is. All the time. Either that or Sisko has put some sort of tracker on Jake without his knowing it ...

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<i>Star Trek Adventures</i> Again!
I've now had a chance to play Star Trek Adventures , and I am pleased to report that my fears (what few they were) were (mostly) groundless. The game isn't perfect, don't get me wrong, but it flowed reasonably well and it felt like Star Trek .  That second ...

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Hot on the heels of providing the Powerchords PDF, +Satyros Phil Brucato has posted a "What Happened?" update to Kickstarter.

Linked below is Part One of (apparently) three. As I'm posting this, only the first two are currently live.

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So I spend a lot of time watching Amazon Instant Video. Lately, they've been pushing "Amazon Channels," which is when some network or publisher (or channel) teams up with Amazon to bundle their shows (TV series and movies alike) so that you can pay a monthly fee to access them. I can always tell when they've added a new network, because my recommendations suddenly start looking ... different.

I think they've signed a new one up, because my "You might like," is filled with shows from this network.

Such classic films as Casting Couch and Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island and Dungeons of Ecstasy and ... yes, there are some horror films in here, too.

Despite my love of bad films, I am not a fan of the exploitation genre of films at all. And I'm really not a fan of horror films.

This station isn't the only oddity in my recommendations, either. Nudist Colony of the Dead and Tokyo Train Girls: Private Lessons and A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell are all on my recommendations. "Based on titles you have watched and more."

I can't imagine what I could have watched that makes Amazon think I'm interested in Space Boobs In Space or 1001 Ways to Enjoy the Missionary Position.

These are all actual titles, BTW.

Don't get me wrong: There are things in here that I've added to my watchlist. Like the 2016 The Magnificent Seven, which is free Prime streaming. Or the 2016 Ben-Hur, because I'm a sucker for the original and want to know what they did to it. And, yes, Manborg, because it looks terrible in that oh-so-fun way ...

Maybe it's the Rifftrax films I've added to my watchlist (but not watched, yet). I just ... I don't know.

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Heard this on KEXP this morning. It was baffling, because I recognized the song, and I could tell it was Motörhead, but I couldn't reconcile the two together.

Apparently they did a full album of covers ( Under Cöver - ) that I was somehow previously unaware of.


God help me, it's too early to be involved in TAS-as-canon-or-not arguments on the internet.
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