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Here is the Big List of How To Find Me On Places Not G+

This post will be updated as I remember more places to find me. The links are in no particular order.

I also try to share different content in different places (because I don't want to bore people with the same content over and over and over again). There are a few exceptions (my Tumblr feeds my Twitter, for example).

Step 1) Do a search for 'Gamethyme.' Odds are very good that any results you find will me.
- (or )

Step 2) If you can't find a 'Gamethyme,' search for my name. This is less-likely to easily get what you want, though, because my first and last names are both exceedingly common. In which case, search for my name and look at my userpic. It'll usually be the one you see here, but sometimes it'll be a pic from my wedding (see image below). There are a few other userpics I've used in the past, though, too.

Step 3) Ask me. There are a few oddballs here and there where, for one reason or another, the other two options won't work.

Step 4) If you follow me and I don't respond immediately, that's normal. I'm not an auto-follower most of the time and want to make sure I know who you are before I follow you, because I hate figuring out how to unfollow people.

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So here's one I've been casually following, because of the designer.

Christophe Boelinger is one of my favorite game designers (and is someone I consider a friend). His older game A Dog's Life is one that I've always wanted to try. It was on Kickstarter in a time where I couldn't afford to back, so I figured I'd pick it up when it hit retail.

It funded September of 2017, and claimed delivery would happen in December 2017.

Obviously, because it's appearing here, it still hasn't appeared.

But here's a new wrinkle, and one I haven't seen before.

Click through the link below. Go to the project page.

Kickstarter is now complicit in helping failed creators hide their projects.

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This ... this oddly does not surprise me.

I feel as though it should, though.
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Over the (way too long) weekend, I got caught up on Discovery, and I have a few spoiler-lite thoughts about the season so far:

I actually really dig what they've done with the Klingons. I mean ... that hair seems to be growing pretty quickly, but it still is a nice compromise between TNG-style Klingons and Season One DIS Klingons.

I still hate the rank pips. They are just unreadable. I realize that part of that is deliberate (by de-emphasizing rank, it makes Starfleet seem less militaristic and more family.

I'm torn between being bothered and loving that Pike seems to refer to his crew by their name. No honorifics, either. Just the name (and an occasional nickname). I'm bothered that Owosekun is "Owo."

We haven't seen Boreth mentioned since DS9, so that was a nice callback.

I still don't like Section 31. Period. They're a better villain group than anything else. Having Georgiou join them makes sense for the character, but ... ugh. Again. Some more. I'll probably hate-watch the series when it inevitably drops.

Also: The black badges in S1 E2 of DIS were Section 31 badges. That was confirmed when Ash Tyler recognized them as such. Which implies that Section 31 is better-known than we'd previously suspected. But, at the same time, it highlights the confusion at the badges that characters had in S1 E2 ...

Still, it's good to see Alan Van Sprang again. Some more. He's been a "That Guy!" for me for a very long time. And he looks like a villain. Always has, always will.

Tilly may not have needed Sickbay, but, realistically, they still should have done their scans ... in Sickbay. Right?

After watching that last episode, we forced Steph to watch "Journey to Babel" with us, so she could understand the Spock/Sarek/Amanda dynamic. And see what a good job the DIS casting director did.

After Number One appears, maybe we can get her to watch "The Cage."
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So I've been crazy-quiet here. It's not because I'm posting elsewhere - I'm not, really. I've just been quiet.

I am mostly over a (really really bad cold), and that cold made me short-tempered, and when I'm short-tempered, the internet is a bad place for me to be.

And I'm scrambling. I have a long list of where I am. Now, it's a matter of which part goes where?

Gaming is probably going to migrate back to my blog. My historical newspaper reads are on Wordpress. Fandom will probably move to Tumblr, even though it's not a perfect fit as I tend to ramble and not use enough pictures.

But I still hate this. I even considered purchasing an iPhone with my last phone upgrade because I'm that pissed at Google.
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I missed work yesterday, and I'm going to be late today.

People in the midwest (and even Eastern Washington) laugh at how Seattle shuts down when we get even a trace of snow, but there are a couple of significant factors at play, here:

1) Very few locals are experienced snow-and-ice drivers. Very few.

2) We have a ton of hills. In the image below, red marks are hills that I don't feel safe driving when there is the possibility of ice. You will note that I am left with no escape from my neighborhood. And there are more hills further out, too. It's ... not great.

3) Elsewhere, when it freezes, it has the decency to freeze. Here, we hover around the freezing point, so the top layer on the roads melts and refreezes and melts and refreezes continuously. It means that Seattle ice really is slicker than ice in the Midwest (or elsewhere), because of why ice is slick (remember: pressure on ice melts the top layer(s), which then slide across lower layers ... ).

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This cold sucks.

I missed work yesterday. For a cold.

But I had the kitties buzzing about, keeping me company.

I should have stayed home again, today.
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I'm normally pretty skeptical of folks who turn to GoFundMe for things like veterinary bills. It's because I'm a cynic and I just don't trust people.

This one, however, is a bit different. See that cat? She's adorable, but she is now also a tripod. If it were up to me, I'd re-name her 'Yardstick' because she's got 3 feet ...

Fair warning: Not all of the pics in this pitch are adorable. Because this is a cat who needed to have her leg removed, and her hip is still shaved and stitches show. But if you focus on her face, she's a cutie ...

She's young enough that she'll adapt quickly and probably live a long and full life.

So why am I sharing this here? What's different about this project?

I know and trust the project creator. Because this project is by one of you, and I try to boost visibility of projects from active and long-standing community members, even if I can't back myself.

Remember Ello? Remember how it was going to replace Plus and Tumblr and ... everything else?

It's telling that not a single person in my feed has listed Ello as a place they're going to be going post-G+ shutdown. And some people have listed a ton of places.
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Got to watch Discovery S2 E1, "Brothers" last night.

It ... it wasn't their best episode. There were a couple of good character bits for Tilly, but most of the rest was ... meh.

This post will be spoiler-free.

This was almost a re-pilot for the show. I mean ... it makes sense, right? Because while we knew Tilly and Stamets and Burnham and Saru, we didn't know Detmer or Owosekun or Pollard or Airiam or that guy on Communications whose name I missed or ...

Also? Pike is good with names. His roll call "ranks not necessary" was a good refresher for the folks at home - and it was oddly telling that Airam still gave her rank.

But this season is set to be a transition from last season's Epic Tale of Burnham's Redemption to a more traditional Star Trek format with a focus on the bridge crew. I suspect that it's still going to be Burnham's Story, mind you. It's just going to be ... different. Because Burnham is now bridge crew, we need to get to know the bridge crew a bit better. And it's going to change the structure of the show.

Unrelated: I wonder why they recast Airiam. Especially because the actress who played her in S1 appeared in this episode ( I wonder if she was allergic to the makeup. Or if this was a one-off appearance for her.

All in all, it was an okay episode. I was a little irked that the door to Spock's quarters didn't match the TOS corridors and doors.

I did like the take on the TOS uniforms, though. They looked comfortable and warm and the piping on the shoulders echoed the DIS piping.

Have I mentioned, lately, how much I hate the DIS rank insignia? Because it is the worst.
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