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If you wanted to combine a trip to Israel with a Gypsy Jazz course- March 28-29 is your time!  Don't miss this
Together, Robin and I will give you the best instruction for Gypsy Jazz that you can get. Different methods for improvisation, accompaniment and so much more...Live concert of my band "Swing de Gitanes" with Robin Nolan and Friends, and jams, jams, jams...violin, Ukulele, swing dance workshops and FUN..FUN..FUN..
For more details click here-
Or Call David (+972 8 9266104) 
Or write to
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Yaakov Hoter

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like like!.. <3 

if you want come here...enjoy manouche :)
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Yaakov Hoter

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We want to notify you that we have created a special page where you'll find ALL of our FREE lessons.

Go ahead and view this page to see if you missed any FREE lesson :

We are working hard to make more FREE lessons just for you, so stay tuned and visit this page from time 

to time to make sure you viewed all of the lessons.

We suggest that you'll keep this page's URL in your browser's favorites so you'll find it quickly.

Best Regards

Daniel & Yaakov
Gypsy Jazz School , the best school for gypsy jazz , jazz, and jazz guitar. The Gypsy Jazz school of the music of Django Reinhardt
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Gypsy Jazz Music

About me
My name is Yaakov Hoter. Welcome to my site.
When I started playing the guitar at age 13, my brother gave me a cassette of Django Reinhardt's music. Django stunned me. I was amazed by his musicality, virtuosity and energy and I became obsessed. It was long before the Internet era and I searched for videos and books in various catalogs, waiting weeks for them to arrive. I ordered the video "Django Legacy" and transcription books; I tried to play Django's solos, but somehow, it just never sounded like him!
Meanwhile, I started to learn music and played with various bands in various styles. I discovered the blues, rock, fusion, jazz, Indian, Arabic and Irish music. Every few years, I got deeply into a new style. I went on to get my bachelor's degree in music, play in various bands and write music for theater, but my enthusiasm for playing Django’s music never faded.
 Then, one day, I finally decided to concentrate on my childhood dream - Django's Gypsy jazz style. Suddenly, it all came together. I met Walter Clerici and Jon Larsen, who guided me through my first steps with the technique. Later on, I studied with Fapy Lafertin; I had the privilege to jam a bit with great Gypsy Jazz musicians like: Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg, Moreno and Nomy Rosenberg. I learned a lot from these amazing musicians. They were very generous and kind.
 Now, I have a band called Swing De Gitanes. Please check us out on YouTube and other places on the web. The band has performed with Jon Larsen and Hot Club de Norvège, with  Lulo Reinhardt and with Daniel  Weltlinger.

About this site
I have been enthusiastic about playing Django's music for the last 22 years and I want to share my passion here, with you. I’m an experienced music teacher and teacher of the Gypsy Jazz guitar style. My goal on this site is to give you a friendly and comprehensive understanding of music - through Django Reinhardt’s fingers. I will teach you in a unique, simple, and practical way, so that you will really understand gypsy jazz music and be able to implement what you have learned again and again in any kind of music that you like. I will not just give you a bunch of guitar licks; I will teach you how to deeply understand the music you play. I will not give you a fish to eat; I will teach you how to fish so that you will never be hungry again.
This site contains a series of focused lessons that lead to each other in a progressive way. Each lesson has a video preview and short text about what the lesson is dealing with. This way, you will know exactly what you are going to buy and be sure you won’t pay for something you already know. No membership required. You pay per lesson. 
Each lesson has a detailed PDF file with exercises, tablature, chord shapes and full explanations of everything you will learn.
Although my passion lies with Gypsy jazz, all of the lessons will give you a broader knowledge of music and improvisation that you can use in other styles of music. It’s very important to completely understand what you are playing in order to be able to use it again in different situations and in different songs. I have made all of the theory lessons as practical as I could, to make them very easy for you to understand and implement.
I will add more and more lessons in the following months and I will spare nothing, until I have provided you all of the lessons that are required to achieve high comping and solo skills on the guitar.
Welcome again and Bon Voyage on your road to mastering Gypsy Jazz.

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