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Why are we (for the most part) taught as kids to view the world as non-zero-sum (encouraged to share resources, opportunities, friends) and then when we grow up pushed to do the opposite (hoard resources and people, play the you-or-me game) Or are we? Do little kids start off being essentially tribal and then run into something that makes them not? Or do  we start teaching tribal, and then at some point (which point?) start teaching something else? Is this just a natural result of having an economy where we exchange x for y? Is it feasible to have an equivalent of hunting/gathering in modern society? What's the closest we can get in a place like Seattle?

Again from the WGU class... "Finally, recognize that compromise may be your worst enemy in negotiating a win–win agreement. Compromising reduces the pressure to bargain integratively. After all, if you or your opponent caves in easily, it doesn’t require anyone to be creative to reach a settlement. Thus, people end up settling for less than they could have obtained if they had been forced to consider the other party’s interests, trade off issues, and be creative.58 Think of the classic example in which two sisters are arguing over who gets an orange. Unknown to them, one sister wants the orange to drink the juice, whereas the other wants the orange peel to bake a cake. If one sister simply capitulates and gives the other sister the orange, they will not be forced to explore their reasons for wanting the orange, and thus they will never find the win–win solution: they could each have the orange because they want different parts of it!"
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