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Brian Jaworski
AT thru-hiker on a journey of discovery...
AT thru-hiker on a journey of discovery...

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I'm seldom on Google Plus.
If you want to find me, jump onto Blogger or plug in my url

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I've done a major update to my blog at
Come say hey!

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Statically Speaking
When I look back at the early days of my hike, this picture stands out as one on those that says, "The impossible can be reached."  Walking around the table we see: Jim and his dad Roger - aka Biscuits and Off Meds; next is Alison's Mom and the restaurant o...

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Random Tips
Random Tips I collect tips from wide resources and think of others on sleepless nights.  Here's a collection of some. @ use hex-head 1/4 inch screws as ice cleats by screwing them into the soles of the shoes. @ practice setting up your shelter in nice weath...

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Critters I want to see I could say I just want the trail to be under foot tomorrow.  Indeed after speaking of this for years some of my friends would love for me to be there too.  Fortunately, for them once I finish, I'll have trail stories to tell endlessl...

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Distance Goals
Distance Goals "The longest journey begins with the first step," a Chinese proverb says. A question the Captain likes to ask, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." The first failure is always intention not acted upon. Sayings, yes.  Puns and iro...

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AT Traditions Once again a teaser, a pre-hike installment of what's the perceived life like on the AT.  In a previous post I wrote about the challenges of the AT. This installment will over lap and may include challenges.  Today, I want to explore the tradi...

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AT Challenges
Appalachian Trail Challenges Everyone likes bragging rights of some kind or another.  When I was a kid, it was how far beyond the bottom of the sledding hill could you go.  In Scouts, it was how fast could you tie the basic 6 knots or who could belch the lo...

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AT Fitness Challenge
It's said that a thru-hiker will take over 5,000,000 steps over the course of hiking the trail.  I'm not sure who's counting, I won't be.  It's also said they will fly by the altitude of Mount Everest 17 times from sea level.  I can't fathom that.   Not onl...

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I owe a great deal to those who've gone before.  I owe a great deal to those nameless folks for whom I'll never meet of whom I read their blogs from start to finish without stopping to sign their guest books.  I'm sure I'll have a few of those readers mysel...
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