Ages ago arch linux people mentioned llvm crashes inside gnome-control-center, they tracked it down to the cheese plugin, which they disabled and went on their way. I've just started taking a look and now wish I hadn't

So far it appears to be the combination of gnome-control-center loads the cheese plugin, which loads clutter which loads GL, which loads the dri module which inits llvm context, which then does some simple string handling but something else has installed libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0 code as the C++ allocator. So when llvm allocates strings it ends up going via libstdc++ into libjavascriptcorgtk-3.0 and then somebody frees something and it all explodes.

Totally not over complicated userspace at all.

Ah libjavascriptcoregtk is part of webkitgtk and the control center online accounts plugin loads it, which might at least explain why it didn't always happen before.

okay so its so webkitgtk3 overloads "operator new" and "operator delete" and it appears for some reason the new for one string op is going to the webkitgtk3 new, and the free is going to the libstdc++ free, really a loadable module setting a global allocator is horrible coding and the person who did it should be never let near a computer again.
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