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Wrap up of 2015
I'm not here very often. I'm also not sure if I should continue to post on blogger...I am on IG and my own site..  . Guys, I became an adult and made a website for my portfolio. ;3 Anyway, these are some pieces that I have on me...that I'm goi...

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new year new work!
New project....hoping to make more kickass paintings like this. Enjoy!

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Here's some drawings! I don't often use GooglePlus...but here ya go, GooglePlus, I have not forgotten you!
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BChi Girl Top: Always look good somewhere...usually you can look at yourself at random times and a shitty day is less shitty. Nails keep me entertained when they're glittery. I feel like sailor moon.

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The Drawing Club: 5/15/14
I love going to the Drawing Club and these are some of my favorite models to draw! :D

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Make A Wish Live Action Boards
  I worked on a commercial for my friend Pavan Ojha in film at Art Center. It was really fun to work in live action and with a director. With my boards and his pitch, he was able to get some grant money as well! He's been shooting the commercial and I have ...

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Here's the link to my 2014 graduating reel. Vimeo more updates to come!

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Story Portfolio!

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Quick Portrait Sketch
 I saw a girl with this sweater and another girl with that hair cut and then cut and paste! That was kinda fun. haha. That face..was of my feelings at the time over..stress. Lots of stress! But at least a good drawing came out of it!
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