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Claire Curtis
"Very enthusiastic about everything" — my Kindergarten report card.
"Very enthusiastic about everything" — my Kindergarten report card.


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Some state IDs could be refused as ID at airports. 

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Apple watch contest. I wonder how useful it really is,since it still needs to pair with an iPhone.
In case you haven't heard, we're giving away not one, but two Apple Watches! That's right, and one could be yours!

To enter, +1 and Reshare this post, and then join the giveaway here:

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Interesting review of stylii. I'm waiting for a good review of stylus brushes, though. My friend Gail Sauter can make wonderful paintings with a nomadbrush and ArtRage on the iPad. 

Back from the VSA meeting, excited to get back to work. Talked with a shop owner who wants one of my violins in her shop; now I need to make sure it's happy enough to send out. Must get to work on two customer instruments. Got an advancing student-quality cello that needs repair, and should be a good investment. In a week or so I will go see the wood that Marilyn has and says she will sell to me to make a cello.
Oh yes, and I'm 5 days behind on Nanowrimo. November is a bad month for this for me. But if I up my daily target to 2K+ words I can still do it...

Rearranged my schedule today, putting off a lot of needed errands until tomorrow, to accomodate a customer; then the customer called at the last minute to say he will come tomorrow, not today. Well, at least the prep for the customer visit is done -- shop is reasonably clean, and I've got prices to hand for a change.

Home from the varnish workshop - learned a LOT! And have 4 instruments in various stages of nearly-done varnish.

Nothing has updated here for a couple of days -- do I a) have quiet friends, b) need more people in my circles or c) need to change some hidden settings?

Finished the basic inputting of the German edition of Karl Roy's "The Violin" (Der Geige). I get to take a short break while Herr Geigenbaumeister reads and finds the errors. Back to the salt mines on Thursday.
One thing, I'm getting familiar with a German keyboard. Can almost touch-type, though z/y still trips me up, and I have to peek to see where the punctuation hides.

Hello... anybody here? I think there's a certain critical mass that we haven't reached yet. Well, we shall see.
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