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Venkat Karun Venugopalan
Don't you eat that yellow snow
Don't you eat that yellow snow


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Democracy hasn't eradicated the caste system but has entrenched and modernized it. This seminal work is critical in an epoch where caste has been force-fitted into reductive marxist class analysis. अन्त्यज (Antyaja Sanskrit), the last born outside the pale of Hindu society; the "Untouchables", have been banished from the collective conscious of my generation through selective erasure and deliberate acts of unseeing and this book is critical for those wishing to develop a holistic view....
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After destroying another nexus, I need a device that wouldn't be totally out of place in the saddlebag of a comanche brave or a texas ranger along with dried buffalo meat, rancid salted pork and hardtack in the uninhabitable solitude of  llano estacado in 1840.

The device of my dreams that bleeds true grit is the Caterpillar B15 Q. I can stream game of thrones in the gobi desert and take a selfie in a cyclone. Now I need to find someone in Czechoslovakia to get me one. 
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Thank you +Vic Gundotra for making me a better human being. Being a part of the Google+ family from day one was an honor; you spoke to me briefly twice about leadership and showed me that there is no engineering storm you shouldn't plunge headfirst into.   
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Shout out to my hombre +Unni Paravannur  for evangelizing the right shit!
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rio de janeiro, prose

purple and black dusk, like a thick feijoada whose last shimmer is fading over the west

cristo redentor glowing from his summit upon the living texture of boats sailing on treacle tides

lassitude of the rocks and surfers on arpoador fading in the wake of churning, unreachable waves

thuggish and prim gringos, bandoleiros and manifestantes roaming in ghost packs

funk carioca bands and their musical dreams, dreams of transparent questions

sad and sweet, profound and not grandiloquent, a perfect city to lose yourself in, uma cidade maravilhosa
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a few lines I penned after reading 'death in the gutter' in frontline, a
hard hitting article that calls out the heroic work of safai karmachari andolan. 

destiny, unseparable until it became inevitable was my destiny
I was born a scavenger, a scavenger of night soil
delusion and ploy the two sides of the coin I inherited from my forebears
crespuscular hatred crept from under the open toilets like poison gas
suffocating me in my tiny hovel, the hovel and open drain I fall into
bypassing the abyss of daily life into blissful oblivion
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My foray into surrealist poetry....

the grim reaper

death an illusion under permanent construction
bluish nimbuses, gray cumulonimbuses, carnivorous flowers in a sunset sky
images with no handhold, images freighted with all the orphanhood in the world, fragments, fragments
my indolent brain gnawing at my own entrails
am I a vulture of my prometheus self or prometheus of my vulture self?
a mirror of quicksilver and morbid metamorphosis, I am the grim reaper
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It takes the Standford encyclopedia of philosophy 28,250 words to explain the hairy concept of relativism. It takes Genis Carreras 32 words and a single image. I'm stoked about backing this project and signed up for the book, but their postcard series is less wallet intensive. Brilliant pictographic representations of feminism, existentialism, dualism and a preview of other groovy 'isms' at
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Shelter Associates in Pune uses the Google Maps Engine API to collect and display geospatial information about slum settlements, and eventually translate this into actionable government policy. There's a lot of good karma that the earth outreach program has spawned: elephant and orangutan tracking, mapping indigenous cultures and a really gripping illustration of the genocide in darfur. I'm really stoked about this and hope to use a good chunk of my sabbatical to build a meaningful time lapse.
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I work with amazing people..hacked random web apps with +Irene Chung during our worker bee days
Googler Spotlight: Irene Chung

Irene is a Software Engineer in our Mountain View office. We spoke with her about the various products that she’s worked on in her career, her current role on the +Google+ team and why it’s important to “learn as if you were to live forever.”

What were you doing prior to Google and what made you decide to apply?
Before Google, I was a software engineer by day and an aspiring animator by night. I was working in tech coding middleware for embedded systems, but I wanted to be a part of creating something bigger and more visual. I loved the storytelling genius of creative companies like Pixar and the wonder each of their projects created. Just as I completed my character animation degree and was ready to change careers, Google gave me a call and convinced me that tech could be a brilliant medium for positively impacting the world.

How would you describe your role on the Google+ team?
I’m a technical lead and manager for the Google+ frontend team. Every day, I get to bring engineers together with product and user interaction experts to build cool things that matter. The other part of my job is helping teams and individuals reach their potential. All parts rock.

What's the most interesting project or challenge that you've worked on?
Early on in my 20% time, I co-wrote a scheduling system for our massage program. That project eventually formed a basis for the appointments feature in Google Calendar. Google is exactly the kind of place that provides avenues of innovation and a chance to work with awesome people for those who look for it. 

What have been some of your most memorable moments of your Google career?
I’m thankful for having the chance to see whole teams come together to build Google+. On launch day, I remember being knee-deep in the details watching all the graphs going way up with the rest of the team and taking a pause to reflect on how amazing that moment was. And then we all had donuts.

Recalling memorable moments really brings new appreciation to the whole experience. When I first joined Google, I expected to be here for maybe two years before taking off on a new adventure. It’s been over three times that prediction, but every turn has been a new role and new opportunity. Every year or two when I get that itch to do something new, I find that I already am.

What advice would you have for someone thinking of applying to join your team?
Given the technical ability, it’s then about attitude. Learn as if you were to live forever. Make the right commitments and deliver on them. Ensure that your quality and quantity of execution are both top-notch. Find the right solutions for real problems. Focus on impact. Brush your teeth. And be a pleasure to work with.
If you’re interested in opportunities on the Software Engineering team please visit our job site: For all Mountain View-based roles, please visit: to learn more and apply.

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